As a commercial real estate agent, you’re facing a very competitive industry with growth that’s limited by the availability of properties in your market. This requires you to invest a good portion of your time into an aggressive marketing campaign.

You can use several different types of marketing to help you develop a strategy that will build your brand and increase the growth of your agency.

It’s Never Too Soon or Too Late to Start Networking

Developing a strong network of associates will help you to better serve your clients in addition to helping you grow your base of clients. As you network with other real estate agents, they may refer clients to you who are looking for the niche properties you handle.

When you network with other professionals who work in related fields, such as Brooklyn commercial roofing companies or electricians, you’ll have a bank of professional contractors you can trust. This can help your clients develop their properties more efficiently, which will help you earn their respect and loyalty.

Give Back to Your Community

It may not seem like a good marketing strategy, but getting involved in local charities can help you raise positive awareness for your real estate agency. When you sponsor food drives, runs, and charity dinners, the name of your agency will be prominently displayed in posters and banners for the events.

As other business leaders and philanthropists get more involved, you’ll have a chance to introduce yourself to them.

People love brands that care about the communities in which they function, so getting involved in your community is one of the best ways to generate growth for your business.

Use Social Media Consistently

While there are many types of digital marketing, most of them rely on your social media accounts in some way. Additionally, social media websites offer the best way to meet the most amount of people at one time.

You should make sure every listing you get is shared on your social media profiles. You can increase the visibility of those posts by making sure they’re publicly viewable and by using relevant keyword phrases.

Additionally, every post and listing should end with a call to action that links back to your business’s website.

Don’t Discount the Importance of Print Media

While digital marketing is a constantly growing industry, print media is still useful. This is particularly true for commercial real estate agents who may be concentrating their marketing on local clients. When you get a new commercial listing, create a printed portfolio that contains photos of the property, its best features, and other details that you feel are important.

You can also include copies of the property’s tax information, the property inspection, and the title searches if they are available. You can make these packets available at open houses, or you can send them out to past clients and other investors who may be interested in that property.

Never Stop Writing Blog Posts

Your website should feature a blog, and you should contribute to it consistently. Your blog will help you rank higher in relevant search results and after you have developed a history of high-ranking posts, search engines will recognize your site as an authority in your field. This means Google and similar sites will recommend your site to more online users.

Additionally, your clients and your social media followers will return to your site more frequently when they know you consistently post new and engaging content.

In a Nutshell

As new technologies develop, don’t be afraid to adapt them for use in your commercial real estate business. Doing so will help you earn a reputation for staying on the cutting edge of the industry.

Learning how to use new innovations to better serve your clients will also help you market your agency by increasing the efficiency and quality of service you provide. As a result, you’ll generate consistent word-of-mouth buzz.

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