Your Instagram profile bio is where you showcase the information about your brand. It’s an important piece of information that showcase who you really are and what you do. If you are looking to attract people and generate business from your Instagram account, your bio plays a big role in grabbing attention and increase your follower numbers.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the following tips in creating a good Instagram bio.

1. Username

The Instagram username is the one identified with the ‘@’. It works as your identity and it’s included in your Instagram profile URL ( Your username is unique which means it won’t be available once it’s taken.

2. Name

The Name field is not the same as your username. And what’s good about the Name field is, you can edit it to include keywords relating to your business. Instead of “Bright Café”, use “Bright Café – Coffee, Tea, Sandwich” or other keywords that best describe your business. These keywords will increase your profile searchability.

3. Profile picture

Use your logo and adjust it to match the display area. The profile picture acts as the identity of your business and it will help with brand recognition. So, it has to look great. If you have more than one social media account, make sure to use the same profile image across them all.

4. Category

Instagram allows you to select which category suits your business, either a beauty retailer, an education institution, a finance company or other category to choose from. This would be display under your Name when enabled.

5. Bio section

This is where you get to express yourself. Tell people what your brand is about, what it offers and why they should follow and engage with you. However, your bio is limited to 150 characters only. Adding emojis can be an option to save space in your bio. Also, if you haven’t known yet, usernames and hashtags will become clickable in your bio.

6. Website

This section is self-explanatory, it’s for adding a URL link which directed to your company website. There’s nowhere else you can add a clickable link on Instagram other than here. That’s why, many brands use service such as Linktree. It takes users to a landing page where more than one link is featured.

7. Call-to-Action and Contact buttons

Call-to-Action or CTA buttons allows users to email, call, WhatsApp or get direction to your business. It could be the last thing you want users to interact with your brand, to contact you regarding your product. So, if you haven’t yet, you might want to set the CTA buttons up.

8. Story Highlights

Add the profound Instagram Story to your Highlights and create an attractive set of cover for them. Highlights can improve your profile value and aesthetic when done right.

Your Instagram bio could boost your social presence. It could also show your identity and create uniqueness while entertaining your followers. Play with your Instagram bio creatively and increase your brand image.

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