Digital marketing is a way to market your business, brand or product through a digital channels spesifically internet.

The obvious advantanges of digital marketing is, it offers two ways communication between brand and consumers.

Digital marketing lets people talk to brand directly through various media, including website, social media, messaging system, etc., making conversation a lot easier and faster.

This is also one of its main differences compared to traditional marketing channels such as radio and TV.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

In the last decade, internet has became part of our daily lifestyle. We access internet everyday. From finding information through search engine, talk to family and friends and socializing with people. We even make friends with strangers which we never met.

Since it is already a crowded space, businesses and marketers began to consider internet as an effective medium to introduce and increase brand awareness.

There are many features that make digital marketing important for business.

  • Digital media is a crowded space, that I always consider it as the “second world”
  • Digital media is an ever-growing source of various information, including news and entertainment.
  • Digital media can be used to create social interaction
  • The change in technology that is also change our communication behaviour.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

There are many benefits a business can gain by including digital media in its marketing strategy.

  • Ability to execute marketing strategy much faster.
  • Ability to talk directly with target audiences.
  • More space for brand to create story-telling
  • Flexibility in making changes and editing on strategy
  • Lower marketing cost compared to traditional media
  • Longer shelf life
  • Ability to reach far greater exposure
  • Easier to create viral
  • Greater engagement
  • Ability to get real time results
  • Ability to track and analyze marketing campaign accurately

What are The Channels of Digital Marketing?

  • Business and brand website
  • Blog and content marketing
  • Organic search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Organic social media strategy
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Online public relation (PR)
  • Email campaign
  • Landing page

Digital marketing can give your business a huge impact that result in improvement in brand awareness and revenue. However, it is not happen overnight. It requires long term commitment and progressive improvement of strategy.

A successful digital marketing requires much greater efforts, mainly in knowledge, design and technology skills, experiences and tactical implementation.

That’s why a business needs to understand how to use quantitative metrics to analyze its performance and fine tuned its digital marketing strategy to get effective results.

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