There are many facets of a business that help lead to its success. One that we often ignore is the importance of branding.

Just think of some of the most successful brands in history such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Such branding successes did not occur by happenstance. Instead, a lot of thought and strategy went into developing those brands. With that in mind, below are some ways to create a successful brand for your company.

Consider Your Core Product

Sometimes branding fails to connect with consumers. If the end consumer has no idea what your products are, you will likely fail.

This is a common result when companies lack to translate its core products into the elements of branding, causing a failure in resonating and communicating its business with the public at large.

Overall, your branding should be evocative of your core product. Let’s take company slogan as an example. Successful slogans like “the Home of the Whopper” and “the Breakfast of Champions” would immediately let consumers know what they refer to.

Consider Your Core Customer

Your branding should also depend a great deal on who your core customer base is. In most cases, the consumer should be conceptualized as coming before the product. In most product categories, you will have high-end brands and “generic” brands.

Take a look at the products on the shelves of a grocery store. There are significant differences in terms of branding based on their core customers, their logos and packaging designs to ingredients and tastes.

Certain customers are willing to spend more on high-end brand, expecting better product value in return, while others have more concern in budget. If you know how much your customers are willing to spend, this can be excellent information to shape your branding around reaching them and maximizing your profits from their purchases.

Seek the Help of Professionals

While many of the most famous brands in the world were developed internally, many newer brands were developed with the help of marketing professionals. If you are not well versed in regards to what it takes to develop a unified brand that will take your company to the next level, you can seek the help of outside marketing professionals and business consultants.

You may also want to seek out experts with local experience. Hiring a branding agency in Austin for example, may be best for businesses depending on your particular area.

Work on Logos, Mascots, Slogans and More

When most people think of brands, they tend to think of iconic logos like the golden arches or catch phrases and slogans like, “Just do it!” While branding is, of course, much more complex than just these things, they are still very important and help shape your identity with the public at large.

Put a lot of thought into things like logos, mascots, slogans and more. Make sure they are easy to identify and memorable. They should also have some element of fun in most cases. Think of how whimsical the Starbucks’ mermaid is in regards to a coffee mascot.

However, keep these ideas simple and easy to understand. You shouldn’t require a whole paragraph on your website to explain what your logo represents.

Reflect Excellent Customer Service in Your Branding

Customer service is not just about receiving calls or providing respond to question. It’s an inportant part of a business operation which gives big impact to your brand image. Basically, a quality customer service means making your customers feel valued, secured and appreciated.

Companies that have made customer service a cornerstone of their brand, Chick-fil-A, for example, have continued to grow and achieve even greater success. Make sure excellent customer service is part of your branding, and back that up with actually delivering on that promise to customers.


Branding is more than an identity. It is a whole set that reflect your business. Good logo, colors and typography are just part of it.

If your brand is inconsistent and inaccurate, it will be difficult to build connection and establish good relationship with the consumers you’re trying to reach. It affects customer experience, sales and eventually impact your business. That’s why branding is extremely important and must be given the attention it deserves.

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