Registering the social media accounts for your business is the first step to get ready in the crowded social world online. It is so easy that everybody can do it.

Maintaining our own personal social media accounts are easy as well, and fun too. But running a successful social media strategy for business is another story.

You need to understand how each social media works and develop relevant content for each platforms. You need to collaborate, doing on-going research and evaluate social behaviours.

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Social media does look easy and fancy on the surface, but it requires more techniques to make it effective. Using the social platform for personal fun is absolutely different than using it for business.

Here are some tips to improve your social media presence.

1. Diversify Social Content Strategy

Each social media serves different purpose. Facebook is different from Twitter, Twitter is different from Instagram, and the list goes on.

That’s why, you need different approach for each social channel but still, they need to be synchronized with each other.

You may not want to post a link into your Instagram account as it won’t be clickable. Instagram is mostly for showing off photos and videos, but taking shot of your products, in still image or motion graphics are much more suitable.

On Facebook, you can post link as it is highly clickable. And since its newsfeed is pretty crowded, you should be using image to make your post visible.

For Twitter, its timeline is not just crowded, but it runs very fast. A tweet you post could have rolled down in a few seconds. So, you might consider breaking your contents into multiple pieces. Using large image is adviced as well to make your post stand out.

2. Use and Optimize Paid Strategy

When you have more budget, you can consider paid or sponsored ads. Take into consideration what is the purpose of your specific content. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, introducing new products or pushing out certain promotion?

Defining the purpose of your content will help you select which paid ads are best to reach goals.

One good way to optimize paid strategy is by boosting posts with paid ads for two to five days a week rather than everyday.

But you need to know the demography and behaviour of social media users. Are your target audiences accessing social media much frequently on weekdays or weekend? If it’s weekend, you might consider boosting your posts from Friday to Sunday.

3. Evaluate Statistics and Analytics

Creating your business’s presence in social media is non-negotiable, but if you don’t analyze the statistics, you won’t be getting anywhere.

If you are selling a teenage fashion products, but your social contents mostly attract audiences between 50 to 70 years old, then there must be something wrong with your content strategy.

By evaluating your social media statistics and analytics, you will know which posts work most effectively, in which time of day or week.

You will get to know the demographic and behaviour of the audience as well. And base on this data, your chances on improving engagement will be getting better.

These 3 tips above are general ways in improving social media strategy for your business. If you have other ways to improve social media strategy, let me know in the comment box below.

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