If you are asking how to dominate in social media and what’s going to be trending, here are 8 things you should know.

1. Share Your Stories

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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You may argue if I said many brands are sucks at social. Yes, they posted beautiful words, gorgeous pictures or even professionally made videos, but one thing they miss is the essence of the brands.

They miss the “passions”, they lack personalization.

But this is your chance. This is where you can push out the authenticity and your brand story to create uniqueness and increase engagement to your audience.

You can create the stories behind your products and why you started your business.

Or to make it more interesting, you can also share the stories of the people working with you, the stories of your customers or the stories of how you solve people’s problems.

If you do this right, I can guarantee that you are going to steal some portions of the market from the big guys.

2. Don’t Use Corporate Style

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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The big corporation has their own style, the corporate style.

If you have a website, you don’t want to design it in the style similar to the big companies. You won’t win over them by copying their styles.

The same applies to your social style, be it the style of your content or the way you talk.

Take some time to think and create your own style. Something related to the product you sell or on the bigger scale, the brand you offer.

Besides, you need authenticity and idea of story-telling which could really connect with the people, making them like and trust your brand.

The brands are often boring and you can use this opportunity to win over some audiences.

3. Video Will Dominate Social Feed

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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Video is going to be more and more important. If you look at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, they are all offering video-based tools.

Everyone has at least one mobile device that they bring the whole day. These devices are able to record high-quality videos anywhere, anytime.

There’re also many apps available online that allow you to modify, and adjust to create better video.

Posting the videos on social media is as simple as posting a photo. It is also fast and easy that you don’t need any special skills.

Since everything is so simple, why don’t you try to record your own video to share your business, explain your products and share your expertise? It is much more engaging than creating a normal corporate video.

You don’t need high-end videos. You don’t need a film director, camera crews or lighting set up at the location. The one that is shot with your phone camera is enough. In fact, it is actually recommended, creating the feel of a digital era startup and a technologically creative company.

Look at Facebook Live or Instagram Story, people are joining in to tell their own story. We don’t really care about the quality or how they are being made. We care about the story. We want to know what our friends are doing and sharing.

And that’s how your social video should be. A simple, on the spot shooting using the camera on your phone, creating a sense of common connection.

And the most important thing is, they can actually see your passions and your expertise, improving intimacy and trust. Try it out.

4. Focus on Mobile

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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Look around you. You will quickly realize that we are living in a mobile age. Everyone is on their devices anywhere, anytime.

Imagine if your brand shows up on their screens. Imagine if everyone is looking at your products. Awesome isn’t it?

So, next time when you build a website, you need to make it viewable on any mobile screens, you need to make it responsive.

You don’t want to direct people to a website that looks like crap. A website that they can’t read the information on the smaller mobile screens.

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5. Pay More Attention to Digital Advertising

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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Digital ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Google Adwords will rise. More and more companies are going to use these advertising platforms to gain more exposure, traffic, leads, and sales.

Also, though it is not something I really think positive of, Facebook and Instagram have changed their newsfeed algorithms for a couple of times. You won’t be seeing the latest posts on top anymore, but the more engaged ones are.

It means your post has very small chance to be seen by your connections and followers. In order to make it visible, you need to pay for ads.

Another thing to look at is big brands are already shifting to digital as well. More and more of them are spending higher budgets on digital ads. It means ads bidding value will go up and the cost will rise.

So, you need to really think of your budget. How much are you going to spend, how effective it is and lastly, you need to be more creative as well.

6. Influencer Marketing Will Explode

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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First thing, you need to know that the people with the audiences, with big followers, are not just having a big plain connection. But they are more than that. That’s why they are called influencers.

Their voices matter, their posts can make your brand being seen by hundreds of thousands of audiences. And if your product is endorsed by a powerful influencer, people are going to engage with you for a relatively long period of time, days or even months.

It could roll like a snowball, increasing the number of your followers, post likes, and comments, making you more and more recognized.

So, what’s the consequence? Influencer cost is going to rise as well, but as long as you can get something out of it, I don’t think you need to worry as much.

One other thing is, though you’re incredibly smart, don’t play smart. You may want to let go a bit of the creativity to let the influencer decide what’s best for the content. Because influencers know better than you regarding their followers. So, getting creative bits of advice from them are things you need to do.

7. Content Will Explode

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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You could have already known that content is the king and it will always be the king. So, paying focus on your content is something you need to do overtime.

All the time, you will find people using their smartphones to snap pictures and posting them up with a message. It is growing and it is unstoppable.

That means posting one content once a week to your social media is not enough anymore. You need to increase the quantity. You need to make it at least once a day, and of course without losing the creative juice.

Story-telling is getting much more important and you need to make it more entertaining and frequent.

If you are still going to post a content once a week, or even worse, once in two weeks or once a month, you’re going to be left behind. Nobody is going to see you and you are fighting a losing battle. Better yet, don’t waste your time and energy, just close down your social accounts.

8. Data, Data, Data

8 Best Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Dominate Social Media
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Working on marketing require data analyzing, data visualizing, and other kinds of stuff related to statistic and data.

In social strategy, you are playing with data too. You need to evaluate what happens to the content, are they resonating well with the audiences and did they engage as expected?

Though social media seems like an exciting playground, this is something you really can’t ignore.

And since we are talking of a stuff that requires strong focus as well, you may want to bring a skilled and experienced person onboard, so you don’t have to deal too much with it and able to concentrate on the business side.

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Finally, social media is an interesting place. You can treat it as a daily playground where you read anything updated by your friends or you can use it to keep updated with daily news and updates from brands.

Plan your contents wisely, make them creative, and post them consistently.

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