20 Affordable Ways To Market Your Business

20 Affordable Ways To Market Your Business

You have started a business, and now you’re looking for ways to market it. First thing came in mind is broadcasting it through advertising and promotions. But of course, advertising is pretty expensive and you’re looking for more affordable ways to go. In this blog post, I am going to give you some ideas to market your business through various affordable channels. Here they are, 20 ways to market your business beyond advertising.

1. Use Social Media
There are a lots of it, but you can use only the popular ones, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Get your business on each of these platforms and you’re good to grow your followers each day.

2. Create Youtube video
Youtube is the best online video platform and have huge audiences. Make motion pictures about your business and post it. Remember to published a high quality video.

3. Ask for referrals
Get in your own circles, family, friends, business associates and colleagues from your last employment. Let them know about your business venture and ask them to tell others in their circles too.

4. Spread your Business card
When you’re in mobile, business card is a very handy marketing tool. Remember to always bring enough amount in your pocket and give it when you meet new people who haven’t known about your business.

5. Attend a networking event or meetup
Join business groups, business events and local chamber of commerce. Check out when there’s meetup and gathering with business people. These are good opportunities to spread your business information and build your networks.

6. Build strategic relationship
Align yourself with other business people. Create partnership with them to collaborate in marketing. You can try to promote each other to build larger audiences.

7. Create your business website
This is a must-have online presence. It is a marketing tool to have your business online 24 hours. Your information will be available at all time.

8. Have a business blog
A blog is where you can write various information about your business, products and services. This is the place you can communicate closer to the customers. It helps to increase your search engine presence too.

9. Build your email subscriber list
Put a registration form somewhere in your website and blog and let people subscribe to your business. Use it to spread about new products, services and promotions.

10. Feature in local media
Contact local newspapers, magazines or radio stations and tell them about your business. Offer to be featured at articles and talk shows.

11. Do promotions, discounts and special offers
This is a great way to attract new customers and reminding old customers about your business. Do this once in awhile to offer incentives to your customers.

12. Host a product trial
Sometimes, you need to let people try your products or services. Let them experience it before deciding to buy it.

13. Offer an affiliate program
Create reseller or affiliate program and post it online. It will let people sign up as strategic partners and help resell your products or services. It is a win-win solution as you both profit from each sale.

14. Sponsor an event
There’s always event that need sponsorship to run. Donate and contribute to these events in exchange to display your business on stage or in the event location.

15. Host your own event
This requires a little higher budget but it’s worth it. Arrange a good location, prepare your presentation and invite people to join your event. You can offer it free or charge a small fee but you can also give back to them with ton of valuable bonuses.

16. Speak at event
Arrange to speak at events related to your expertise. Contact local colleges and organizers to offer speeches and share your knowledge.

17. Host a Twitter chat
Connect with other business people, create related topics based on your expertise and chat with them. Use a hashtag to let people join easily. It is a good way to introduce your business and expertise.

18. Comment on blogs
Find influencer’s blogs and read the articles. Leave meaningful comments on them. Many people visit these blogs everyday. They will noticed you and your business.

19. Write guest posts
Share your expertise and business through articles in some blogs and media that offer guest post.

20. Send reminding notes to existing customers
Some customers will forget your business after a while. It is a good way to let them remember by sending notes to them frequently. Inform them about further services or offer them special promotions.

These are 20 affordable ways to market your business. I hope this tips will help in your business ventures. If you find these tips useful, please share this article. If you have other tips, please contribute them in the comment box below. Cheers!

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