The market where we are involved in everyday is advancely evolving. If you compare current market to let’s say 10 years ago, you will find big differences on market behaviour and spending habits. The penetration of technology and how we use them are the reasons behind these changes.

One of the marketing strategy that gets affected a lot is traditional advertising that includes TV commercials, radio advertising, print ads in magazines and newspapers.

If you own a company and have budgets for advertising, are you still going to put it in these types of advertising? Are they still as effective?

Questioning Traditional Advertising

In the digital age, there’s a reason why they are called traditional advertising. There are some questions that arise regarding this:

  • Do you still watch TV?
  • Do you listen to radio?
  • Do you read magazines and newspapers?

Like me, you may still have, but not as much, and it is getting lesser each day. So, are they still effective? Probably yes, but not as much as before too.

The Problem with Traditional Advertising

The biggest problem is you can’t measure it effectiveness accurately. For example, your company hold a campaign which include advertising on TV and radio. How would you know whether it’s TV commercial that brought up your sales or radio? The data that you can get is mostly based on survey without real accuracy.

The second problem is cost. Ad placement on these conventional channels are relatively high, especially when compared to digital channels and market penetration.

Should I Do Traditional Advertising?

I can’t deny there are still numbers of people that get information through these various channels. Whether you should do it or not, it highly depends on your market. If the audiences you are targeting are still watching TV, radio and read magazines and newspapers, you may have chances. It is suggested to run a survey or hire a consultant to discuss about it.

What is The Best Way to Advertise My Business?

Even if your survey shows opportunities in traditional channels, you should consider getting into digital channels as well. Everybody owns smartphones now and they get into internet everyday. There’s no reason you leave digital advertising out.

Secondly, if you don’t have big budgets, consider leave out advertising on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards. It usually cost huge cash. Digital is the best way to go.

What is The Future of Advertising?

Traditional advertising will slightly turn digital. TV Commercials move to YouTube, Radio ad moves to internet radios, podcasts and other streaming audio channels, print ads swift to online magazines and online newspapers.

The days of offline advertising will slowly entering dawn. Brands and businesses will cut out their budgets in traditional ads. However, these types of advertising are still alive but will migrate to digital channels.

This article is a draft of thoughts about traditional advertising. If you have different ideas about it, leave your comment below to discuss.


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