Have you ever imagine if the content you post is not just another content, but something your audiences cannot forget about?

Can you also imagine if your audiences not just accidentally read or watch your content in their newsfeed or timeline, but they look for it and wait for you to post a new one? In other words, they crave for it.

Sounds very interesting right?

Content has continued to evolve and has became a very important strategy for marketing.

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Since 15 years ago, content had started to show its sign. A marketer should have realized how content would have taken over the marketing world. Blog had became increasingly popular, social media had came to change the way we socialize and Google begun to modify its search algorithm to content based.

And now here we are. Content, whether in text, pictures or video is everywhere, your website, social media and search engine results.

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So, how are you going to create a content that is valuable?

Here are some basic rules:

  • Content should be useful.
  • Content should make you want to let others know.
  • Content should create emotion.
  • Content should be memorable.
  • Content should make you want to see it more than once.

To be more specific, I have broken them down the above basic rules to 12 types of content. Check out the list here:

  1. Content that relates to brand
  2. Content that tells story
  3. Content that makes us laugh
  4. Content that makes us cry
  5. Content that inspires our life
  6. Content that motivates us
  7. Content that tells how to win
  8. Content that provides How-to
  9. Content that educates us
  10. Content that tells secret/facts
  11. Content that tells trending news
  12. Content that unite us all

Also, to make it easier, I have created an infographic of the list of content types.

Here it is.

12 Types of Content That Your Audience Love

Now, what should you do with this infographic?

  1. Print it out. If you need a pdf format for better resolution, download it here.
  2. Stick it somewhere easy for you to see.
  3. Apply each of them in your content strategy. You may need to evaluate the best type for your business and brand.
  4. Share it to your colleague and friends.

I hope this post and infographic are useful for your content marketing project.

Do you have any other type of content which is not on the list? Let me know in the comment box below.

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