What Mistakes Do Brands Commonly Make in Managing Their Social Media Presence?

What Mistakes Do Brands Commonly Make in Managing Their Social Media Presence?

Brands generally take a traditional approach to manage their digital presence, including social media.

There are some cases that their social presences were posting invaluable and boring contents making them not interesting to be seen and followed. In the worse event, they are not maintaining communication with people and begin losing engagement.

The above problem leads to all sorts of friction internally within the company or externally with their audiences. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers don’t seem to understand it.

Here are some of the most noticeable social media management mistakes that commonly exist at one time or the other.

1. Treating Social Media as a One Way Broadcasting Tool

Once in a short while, you’ll come across a brand that is just posting up content but never replies. That is a recipe though but far from a good one. It is a disaster that would make your social efforts unuseful in any way.

Social media is a two ways communication platform. So, talking or replying to your followers is essential.

2. No Concept and Strategy Exist

Getting your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms is a must, but you need to know what you need beforehand. There needs to be a plan for content and goal that you want to reach.

Don’t let your social accounts go all over the place without real value.

3. Inconsistent Postings

Since we are in the digital marketing industry, I’ve met some clients in various sessions who just wanted to know what we can do for their social presence as well as ask for the idea and strategy, just to do it themselves afterward.

This eventually lead to inconsistent postings and low-quality content.

Most of them think it’s not worth the penny to hire someone to do the job, especially when it’s outsourcing to an agency. You know you can’t do everything yourself.

To make it simple, your online presence is as important as your presence in your office every day. You need to be there when they need it.

4. Focus on Followers, Not Relationships

What would you prefer? A high number of followers or an engaged followers that’s ten times smaller in number?

Engagement ratio is certainly a better take.

Evaluate how much traction your post gets in relation to your number of followers. If the ratio is good, your content will start showing to more people outside of your circle.

So, don’t focus on the number of followers, focus on the engagement rate.

5. Forgetting to Tag

One thing that not many people do in social media is tagging other users. You may not want to tag them everytime you publish a post but when there’s something related, tagging could work well.

If your content is about health, tagging the right users, influencers or brands can really increase your post reach. One thing to remember is you need to use relevant tags.

6. Not Showing The Fun Side of Your Brand

As what I mentioned above, social media is all about communication. Bringing up an entertaining post is always appropriate for a brand to show off its personality, which is fun and not boring.

So, go ahead and get a little weird once in a while. Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt. In fact, it could work really well. Try it out!

7. More Focus on Traffic Instead of Conversion

What’s the use of high traffic if it didn’t convert?

Though social channels are what we use to engage with people, of course, eventually a brand needs conversion.

Lots of traffic is good but it’s only the beginning. you need to set up your goals, measure and evaluate and see how much each of the social platforms is generating for you.

What many business owners and marketers tend to forget is, social media is about the conversation but they appear to treat them as broadcasting channels. That’s a huge mistake.

Brands should go out, listen and engage in the conversation on social channels and then add value to the post. A useful and entertaining channel would attract many followers. The best brands that are able to engage well may become influencers in the social space. The rest get expelled from the space and never to exist again unless they change.

What do you think?

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