Free Will, simple words which describe freedom of choice. It lets you decide what you think best in doing something.

Free Will Economy is a unique term I created and try to apply in the emerging and competitive market. The basic idea of Free Will Economy is to build relationship based on trust which in the end benefit both sides in the relationship, either on tangible or intangible ways. It could lead to a new trade system that could lead to community contribution and increase relationship.

I am a designer and creativepreneur, I’ve been in the ups and downs of the design business for more than 15 years. I’ve been meeting a lot of clients from personal, small businesses to big corporations, locally or globally and experienced many situation where mostly have strong relation to marketing budgets.

I’ve met people who think $10 per hour for a design job is too high that they back off but on the other sides, there is people that think $30 per hour makes good sense. We all have our own standard in pricing and power to purchase that strongly depend on our own economic strength. This is the basic idea that leads to the concept of Free Will Economy.

Free Will Economy allows one to decide how he is willing to pay back and how much he think it is worth to pay when someone accomplish a job for him. It is an economy system that allow people to offer contributions to others according to their skills and abilities and in return, they receive what they needs. It is almost similar to donation that let people donate after receiving advantages from others.

The concept may strongly associate with barter economy or sharing economy which have been there in the prehistoric time since the first human.

However, Free Will Economy has low sustainability in term of financial security. So, it is best if one already has other jobs or businesses that can contribute stable incomes before participating in this system.

To contribute in this economy system, I am offering my skills in creative field to those who need without any upfront agreement in payment. You are free to pay or donate what you think worth the value.

To find out about what I’m offering in details, feel free to visit Work With Me page here. Let me know if you need something done.

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