It has become common practice for brands to utilize social media for awareness and it is getting more difficult to be noticed by people each passing day.

There are more than 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. More than 5 billion pieces of contents on Facebook being shared every 24 hours and more than 500 million tweets being posted everyday.

So how would you promote your brands or specific social media content to audiences in this already crowded virtual world? What content have the magic to attract people to read and finally share to their timeline? What can psychologically touch their heart and mind to notice your post and going through it?

Imagine you’re reading a story or watching a movie, regardless of fiction or nonfiction. We mostly like the drama in the plot. There is emotional feeling involved in the story. Comedy makes us laugh, sad story makes us cry and science or technology makes us curious about what comes next. Combine all of them and we will have a complete emotional driven story.

There are four basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. From these basic emotions, there is a certain level of psychology that can be reached. Think again if you are able to execute this strategy in social media. Connecting your brand with emotion is one of the best ways to attract consumer and make your campaign successful.

The Importance of Emotional Value in Social Media Campaign
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The Right Emotions that Connect

It certainly depends on the brand. Find out the unique personality of your brand. Insurance products benefit from family compassion. Healthy food gaining results by making people feel healthy. Running shoes benefit from making people feel motivated. However, the results of emotive marketing should build positive attitude to the consumer.

The Mechanism of Sharing

People shares greatly engaging content that tells a story. Generate contents by adding emotion in the story with good narrative will encourage people to react.

Use good photo or video in your story to attract people’s eyes. If they stop at your content in the feed and begin to read, your chance of getting it shared is bigger.

A savvy marketer knows that word of mouth is the best marketing. A social media agency should realize and know how to execute emotionally driven content for your brand awareness. If your brand goes viral, big chances it is going to be recognized more.

The Summary

When developing your contents, remember these as main considerations:

  • The four human’s basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear
  • Know your brand’s personality
  • Your target audience and what kind of emotion does your brand bring to the audience
  • Build positive attitude for your consumer.

Social media is a great but crowded virtual space. It has great value if a company can leverage it effectively. All it takes is not that big of a budget, but a smart idea and a great execution.

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