Video has became increasingly popular. The reason behind this is because video offers motion pictures which is much more enjoyable to watch.

We don’t need to read long text to understand certain information being shared online.

As the internet has been far crowded now, our behaviour in getting information has changed. Imagine the amount of documents to read during working hours, news we access to stay updated and feeds in social media. Realizing it or not, all these require our time and energy.

We now prefer practical, easy to digest and short content. We tend to ignore long articles, since our time to access each information has became much shorter than before.

That’s why, incorporating video content as part of your marketing strategy is increasingly crucial.

However, you don’t need to spend big budget to produce good video content. There are many video production apps available for you to download. Many of them are free, though the features are limited, but you can unlock more features by purchasing the pro version.

And also, they are fairly easy to use. You don’t need to spend much time to start producing your first video.

The hardest part is how to generate ideas for your video, but thankfully, the list is here.

1. Company Information

Provides any information regarding your company, business you’re in, products, teams and facilities. The main focus in making this video is to let your audiences and customers understand your business, which in the end, build awareness and trust.

2. Product Information

The main focus is to showcase any information regarding the product you are going to market. You need to showcase all uniqueness and advantages in this video. Also, remember to make it fun to watch.

3. Production Video

You can create a video to showcase how your product is being produced. You can unveil the innovation you’ve made, materials you used, how you engineer it and also the technological aspects behind the product.

4. Customer Testimonials

Who can prove that your product is the best in the market beside your real customers. Contact your satisfied customers, ask them to give testimonials, while you shoot the video. This type of video has bigger chance to get viral.

5. Influencer Video

Contact an influencer that is suitable to your product, send your product for him or her to try and ask for a testimonial video. Ask him to post the video online through various social media accounts. His followers will see it and some of them may buy it.

6. Industry Expert Interview

Similar to influencer, famous experts in the industry you’re in, may provide value to the market. So, ask for an interview session focusing on the advantages to the technology you have. Make it short, straight forward and easy on the eye.

7. Tutorial Video

Create a step by step video to explain how to use your product. It is easier for your customers to play the tutorial video compared to reading the user guides.

8. Helpful Tips and Tricks

Your customers may not know the full possibility of your products. That’s why, a helpful tips video are great to show them. Videos answering common questions from your customers is great as well. In greater results, you can get earn more credibility and authority in the industry.

9. Article and Blog Video or Vlog

Vlog or Video Blog is quite popular these days. Instead of getting your customers to read long text, it is much more fun to watch a short video with motion graphics and short text. You can shoot relevant video with smartphone or gather suitable photos to create a slideshow video.

10. Video for Any Other Content

Let’s say you have schedule a health tips to post on social media. Rather than posting it in text, it is much better to break down all key points in the post and insert them into a video.

That should be all for now. I hope this list helps you improve the content strategy in your digital marketing. Let me know if you have anything to comment or share.

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