A domain is just as important as your business name and just as crucial for your future success. Choosing the right domain name would save you a lot of hassle later, including switching to the new brand and lost of search engine rankings.

That’s why it is extremely important to choose the best one from the beginning. But of course, the questions are always what and how.

“What is the best domain name for my business website?” and “How can I find the best domain name for my business website?”

So, I’d like to share all the tips you are going to need in order to get good ideas for domain names. You can narrow them down later and pick the best one. These tips are going to help you a lot.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business Website
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1. The best domain name extension is still .com

As the internet is everywhere and website is one thing we see everyday, many of the .com has been registered. The solution to this is to come out with new extensions, such as .biz, .co, .design, .blog and many more for new website owner to find the name they prefer.

Now, the reason why it is recommended to stick on a .com is that it’s the most established and the most memorable domain name extension. When you tell others about a company website, they would quickly pick up a .com.

If you own a cake shop named “Delish”, everyone would quickly type-in delish.com or delishcake.com instead of delish.shop or delish.biz.

2. Don’t use doubled characters

It is absolutely better to avoid doubled letters when registering a new domain name. Doubled characters allow people to mistype, resulting in lost audiences.

So, it is better not to use something like businessstruggleextra.com. See the doubled letters?

3. If it is available, use keywords

Keyword still plays an important role in a domain name. By adapting keyword to your domain, you will have a little more chance to rank higher in search result, not significant though.

And since most of the domain names with .com extension have been registered, you need to play along with the keywords while keeping it stand out.

4. Make it readable

This one is pretty easy. Let me give you an example. Is it easier to read and remember tbko.com or tobeeko.com?

As you can see, the one with a shorter domain is not suggested since it is harder to read.

5. Make it short

While keeping keywords in the domain name is suggested but it is much more important to keep your domain name short to make it easier to write and memorable.

It’s best to keep your domain name under 10 characters, though a maximum of 15 characters is still considered fine.

6. Don’t use hyphen

The basic reason is that domain name with hyphen is harder to read and also prone to typos. Other than that, hyphen gives an impression or an association with a spam domain.

If you add hyphen because the domain name that you want is already taken, you will be losing a lot of potential customers. It’s going to be worse if the one without hyphenated domain name is a company offering similar product or your direct competitor.

7. Keep it unique and brandable

Since you need to stand out among others, your domain name should be unique. Amazon.com is much more unique and brandable than BuyStuffsOnline.com or SellEverythingOnline.com.

8. Make it expandable

Choosing a domain name with keywords related to your business is a smart move, but you need to plan for the future opportunity as well.

Even at the moment, you are selling leather bag only, you need to leave room to expand. Instead of registering nobleleatherbag.com, you are better off picking up noblebag.com.

Moving to a new domain name can be frustrating. Beside its daunting process, you could lose search rankings and traffic if not done right.

Careful thoughts in choosing the best domain name for your business website is important. Hope this post can be useful and good luck in finding your new domain name.

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