12 Signs You Were Born An Entrepreneur

12 Signs You Were Born An Entrepreneur

Not everybody is born entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is in the dna. This dna contains various habits and mindset which create unique personality. Entrepreneurs think differently, act differently and are geniuses in their fields.

If you ever wondered whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur, check out this obvious list of indicators. You might not acquire every signs in the following list, but having some of them might be a good signs to get you started.

You are very confident
How can you assure others to trust you if you don’t have self confidence. This is the first and main personality. Most entrepreneurs are very optimist in everything they act or do.

You have high passion
You believe in everything you do and never lose passion. You know that one day, all your hard work will paid off.

You are risk taker
No risk, no gain. Bigger risk, bigger gain. Starting up a business is already a risk itself. Though entrepreneurs realize it but they still think it is fun. That makes them fearless and have good tendency to succeed.

You are restless
There are lots of hard works required especially when the business is just started up. Working days and nights is not a problem at all. Though tired, but it is enjoyable.

You are rebellious
You don’t like status quo and you break unreasonable rules. It commonly takes a lot of guts for others, but you don’t feel like it.

You feel insecure
You might already have good career and good position in the company you work for, but comfort zone doesn’t make you feel secure. There’s something within you that is not satisfied and always wants to break out or otherwise you will regret for not doing so.

You don’t like routine activity
Working from 8 to 5 is not something you fond of. Starting a business might require you to be in the routine as well, but there is a good chance you are going to be free in future.

You never give up
Or otherwise you are going back to the 8 to 5 daily routine in the company you work for. It sounds much scarier than giving up.

You have high curiosity
You always wonder what and why. You realize there are problems and think of the ways to solve. You know that business is about solving problem.

You always look at the big picture
You know that sweating the small stuffs does not do any good, neither in life nor business. Looking at the big picture makes you understand the main priorities and put smaller ones behind.

You recover fast
It is natural event entrepreneurs fail some or many times. Ups and downs happened across the road they take. Strong entrepreneurs resist to dwell with frustration too long. They take fast action to recover and start to run again.

You have big dreams
You know where to go and what to reach. You never satisfied with what have been gained and keep on chasing the big dreams.

Being an entrepreneur is sexy. It is something that you want to be regardless of being born that way or not. Now if you are not born an entrepreneur, is it still possible to become one? I would prefer to answer yes, as long as you have the spirit to never give up. It might not be a smooth path and it might takes longer time to achieve, but there’s always an opportunity. And also remember, entrepreneurship is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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