If you’re starting a business, one thing you can’t leave behind is the presence on Instagram. However, you are probably not in the capacity to hire a social media manager or to work with a social media agency. Deciding to work on it yourself can be a way to go.

It won’t be hard on the beginning since there’re some information about the business, products or brand you can prepare to share. At this stage, it works well. Everything is fun. But since you need to focus on the other sides of the business, I can assure you are going to hit the hurdle, maybe within a month or two.

You don’t know what content to post!

Generating content to post on your Instagram can be challenging, even for those who focus 100% on social media job. There are a lot to do: looking up for idea, copywriting, design and of course, responding. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible either. One thing to make it more efficient is by planning a draft schedule of ideas to post.

Let’s check out the followings:

1. Useful information:

  • How-tos
  • Resources/tools list
  • Tutorials
  • Live streaming
  • Customers’ question.

2. Brand related:

  • Recently happening
  • Tips and knowledge
  • New features
  • Case studies

3. Product promotion:

  • Benefits and USP
  • New products
  • Testimonials
  • Contest/giveaway
  • Endorsement

4. Fun and entertaining:

  • Fun posts
  • Facts vs myths
  • Quotes
  • Quiz/question

It’s best to plan and create a content calendar. Fill it with the above topics and work your content base on the plan. Hope they help.

Now, how do you generate content? Do you have any specific tips to share? Let us know in the comment below.

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