Social media is supposed to be fun, even for brands. But when it comes to building brand awareness, good content that can bring in engagement is what you need.

Here are the top 7 types of social media content you can use to generate engagement organically.

  1. Knowledge: You need to offer knowledge in some of your posts to build trust.
  2. Tutorials: Let your audience and customers know how to use your products.
  3. Short story: Creating a short story in relation to your brand image could work wonder.
  4. Funny contents: Lighten up your audience’s mood is something you should do. Content that bring smile and laughter works most of the time.
  5. Videos: Video works amazing on social media. It’s best for story-telling.
  6. Quizzes and Polls: Great for boosting engagement on social media.
  7. Freebies: Schedule giveaway sessions or share valuable rewards for your audience since everybody loves freebies.

Be noted that probably not all of them work for your brand. Some contents that work for others, might not work for you. It’s best to give them all a try, then evaluate and learn to know which contents are worth creating.

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