Content marketing is a buzz recently. Many companies get into utilizing content strategy into their marketing plan.

Content marketing comes in many forms: articles, blogs, advertorial, press releases, sponsorship, promotions and other relevant forms of content. The contents can be text, images, videos and infographics.

A successful content marketing is the results of clear plan and strategy. One of the first thing to do is setting up the goals before developing content to serve those goals.

Here are 5 business goals to drive successful content marketing. You may want to focus on a single goal or all of them.

Search Engine Appearance

Getting your business on top of search engine is important, especially if the focus of your business is online.

As the recent changes of Google Search algorithm to more focus on valuable contents instead of keywords, content marketing become the major roles of getting your business on top of search results.

Building Brand Awareness

Strong brand is a common goal for any business. Valuable contents push the boundary of your brand further, letting it expand through the target audiences. When your content offers beneficial impact to the audiences, your brand awareness improve.

For example, if you are selling vacuum cleaner, your content will most likely related to family, home cleanliness and health.

Building Brand Engagement

Introducing and creating awareness is one thing, but improving brand engagement is another story. People may find your brand somewhere at social media, online magazines and other online media, but they may not “in-touch” with it.

Getting them to engage is somewhat difficult, generally because a lot of brands are competing to stay upfront.

You need to make your content obvious, beneficial and in some cases, entertaining but still, make sure they are having relevancy with your business. Don’t get out too far of the business context.

Lead Generation

As one of the primary goal for most businesses, building qualified content to generate leads require smart strategies. You may have pushed out hundreds of contents and generate high website traffic but converting these audiences into leads is not automatically applied.

Provide long term and continuous advantages through your contents. Create good stories that attract them to subscribe to email newsletter, follow your social media or create promotions. You need to have some kind of form to build the data.

One other must-do thing is, you need to have privacy policy that essentially states that their data is safe and will not be used in the irrelevant ways or being sold to other parties.

Never use this data for spam. Nobody likes spam. In fact, it will bring huge negative impact to your brand. You should use the data to provide beneficial contents to your audiences.

Sales Generation

Once the lead has been brought in, your next effort is to convert them into becoming your customers and to generate revenue.

To convert the generated leads into customers, you relies heavily on valuable content marketing. Your content has to provide benefits and somewhat attractive.

You can do hard sales announcement once in awhile, but make sure it is not too frequent. Focus on the quality of products and after sales service, though price may be one of purchase decision as well.


The ultimate goals of your content marketing strategy is all about bringing quality and valuable information to your audiences and converting them into customers.

If you are able to delight them, benefit them and make them happy with your offer, revenue will automatically climb up. It will become a lot easier to drive customers in, build loyalty and in the end improve your business revenue.

So, what is your content marketing goal? Is it one of the above? Or are there other goals you are focusing? Please share them in the comment box below.

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