So, a potential customer has finally arrived at your site, and they are ready to learn about what you are offering. After several minutes of clicking around aimlessly, they leave, having bought nothing. If your website has been experiencing this, there should be some critical issues that require attention and immediate fix.

Here are a few reasons why leads, or potential customers, leave your website.

1. Slow-to-Load Content

How long does it take for the page to load once someone clicks on it? If it takes more than two seconds, people begin leaving. Overall, most of your potential viewers will abandon the page before it loads if it takes three seconds.

In addition, a delay in web pages loading could drop your conversions. Likewise, Google admits to using page load speed to evaluate which items rank highest. The longer a page takes to load, the lower it will be ranked by their algorithm, directing people away from your business. Investing in website maintenance packages can ameliorate any issues with slow loading speeds, boosting acquisition.

2. Poorly Optimized Homepage Design

Nowadays, the majority of web users surf on mobile devices, like phones or tablets. Unfortunately, they may not see what is on your page unless it displays well on their device. Additionally, a responsive and well-placed content on the homepage should clearly direct customers. Otherwise, they may not discover anything they need and might leave.

By designing a high-quality responsive website, you can expect to see traffic stay longer. One way to think about this would be to consider your homepage to be representative of your brand.

Furthermore, the page’s content must be easily readable, high value, and relevant. If it is not evident right away, customers will not stick around long enough to find out.

3. Excessive Ad Placement

Even if your website uses ad revenue as its primary revenue source, ads should not be obtrusive. When ads obfuscate valuable content, customers feel frustrated, and they evacuate.

Nevertheless, plenty of well-intentioned sites still overdo their ad placement, negatively affecting conversions. Since most customers trust online ads less than other forms, it may be best to use as few as possible. Limiting total ad placement makes building trust easier, which translates to deals.

4. Lack of Quality Content

What are you offering visitors to your site, and why do they need it? Do not expect them to stick around unless you can explain what they are getting out of being there. Demonstrating value is not always easy when you are running a website, but it is still crucial.

For example, do the headers make sense logically when browsing your content? If they do not flow together, creating a coherent statement, you should rethink them. Moreover, each one should display relevant information and guide visitors to a conclusion.

5. Difficult to Navigate

Sometimes, even when the writer have put together an outstanding content, but it still does not work well. Navigation may be the issue if the content does not lead to conversions despite being high value. Clicking onto the page from a search engine is only the first step in customer conversions. After arriving, they must click through to other pages until they have found what they need.

Assuming your web page sells products, make sure the “buy” button has been labeled. It should be clearly distinguished from the rest of the page’s content, or it may elude visitors. Ask a friend to test run the site, see how they feel, and then redesign when it does not work properly. User feedback is often the most insightful source when redesigning web pages.

6. Questionable Credibility

Consumers calculate buying decisions based on credibility, value, and price. Your products could be priced to sell, yet nobody will buy unless they trust you. Brand new pages do not inspire authority right away, and this detracts from sales.

Nonetheless, working with another website and asking them for validation can be helpful. If an established site recommends yours, visitors will trust you from the start.

How to Retain Website Viewership

Creating a good website is similar to doing anything else in life. If you put effort into developing the skill, it will improve. These tips should help, so make sure to implement them next time you update your site.

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