It doesn’t take a genius to know, generating customers is treasure to business success. Without customers, there won’t be revenue to gain.

What you might not realize is, business are moving faster than ever. While you are still finding ways to compete, new competitors emerge with similar or more advance products.

So, perfecting your sales team is one of the most important jobs. In order to succeed, you need to build your sales funnel.

Sales funnel is the process of generating sales. It is also known as revenue funnel, purchase funnel or sales process.

The number of levels within the sales funnel may vary between different companies, but generally, it is broken down to three levels:

  1. Leads: the audiences that have acknowledge your company or products.
  2. Prospects: are qualified leads that have contacted your company and interested in your product.
  3. Customers: We all know this. They are people that have purchased your products.

Sales funnel is illustrated as an inverted pyramid, which contains a large numbers of leads on top and narrow down to customer conversion at the bottom.

Sales Funnel Pyramid

There are various metrics to analyze and evaluate leads and prospects. Some of them are:

  • Number of leads
  • Percentage of qualified leads
  • Percentage of opportunity
  • Revenue forecast
  • Win rates

Building your own sales funnel might sound complex, especially if you haven’t been doing it before.

To make things easier, I would like to share this Free Sales Funnel Template! (not an affiliate link).

The template allow you to manage sales pipeline and forecast sales opportunity. It is intended to improve productivity of sales people and allow you to check in the progress of your sales team performance.

Write down all leads and status of each propects in the template. While doing so, you can determine the potential of each prospect and able to identify key actions to take in order to achieve the goals, which is sales revenue.

It is a pretty basic template built with Excel but should contains what you need to begin building your own sales funnel. The template is self explanatory and you are free to modify it to suit the sales process.

That’s all for getting customers by building your own sales funnel.

I hope you find this post useful. Please share if you do.

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