Staying active and updated wth the latest trend in social media is very important for business. Hashtag is one techniques we use to share content to wider audiences and increase engagement.

What are hashtags?

Hashtag is one or more words or phrases preceded with a hash mark (#), which is used along with social media post. It is used to mark down a topic related to the social media content.

Hashtag also acts as keywords in social media. When someone searches something on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your posts have bigger chance to appear on the results.

How to use Hashtags?

Using hashtags requires a bit of arrangements. Here are some tips to follow when using hashtags in your social media contents:

  1. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to content you post. If you are tweeting or posting about business plan, use #BusinessPlan or #BusinessStartup. People search for business plan or startup may find your post, read them and even better, share them.
  2. Make sure your hashtags are not broken by words. If it is about “Social Media”, your hashtags should be written #SocialMedia not #Social #Media. Broken hashtags result in different meaning and different keywords.
  3. If your hashtags are more than one word, use capitalization between words. It is easier for people to recognized the phrases at a glance and read the words individually. For example use #ContentMarketing instead of #contentmarketing.
  4. Don’t place too many hashtags in a post. 1 to 2 hashtags are ideally better than 3 to 4 hashtags. It is harder to recognize the content you are sharing if it is crowded with hashtags. Since your main contents are hard to be read, people may skip your content. Also, it looks a bit spammy for some. Compare this post:
    How to develop a business plan #BusinessPlan #Business #Plan #Entrepreneurship #StartUp #BusinessStartup
    with this:
    How to develop a business plan #BusinessPlan #StartUp
    Don’t you think the later post is easier to read?
  5. Don’t use too many words in a single hashtags. It is much harder to read and normally people don’t search using long keyphrases in social media. Instead of using #MarketingStrategyInBusinessPlan, it is better to break the words down to #MarketingStrategy and #BusinessPlan.

The Advantages of Using Hashtags

Since hashtag has been commonly used by everyone, it creates some valuable benefits especially for business and marketing. Followings are some of them:

  • Hashtags accentuate topic of our social media post.
  • Hashtags creates specific discussion over a topic.
  • Hashtags increase brand awareness.
  • Hashtags encourage interaction and engagement.
  • Hashtags increase visibility of social media content.
  • And thus, make content searchable.

Hashtags play a vital role on social media engagement. Brands that use social media as their marketing tool should understand this.

If you haven’t really using hashtags on your content, you need to develop the right ones and start using them in your next social media post.

I hope you find this post useful. And if you do, you should share this post on your social networks, along with relevant hashtags.

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