Imagine you pickup a phone to talk with your friend somewhere in other town.

Imagine you walk down the neighbourhood for a casual meetup.

Imagine you are in a high school gathering event where you can meet and talk with everyone about anything.

Those are social life.

And that is the original idea of creating social network, to help us socialize easier.

It’s proven to work. Everyone register and use it everyday.

It grows ever since. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so on.

The number of people and its growing statistics do look irresistable. That’s why brands began stepping in to win their hearts.

Marketers create concepts of strategy and tactical executions, hoping to grab certain percentage of the social media users.

But sometimes, things become complicated. The number of followers and engagement grow slowly. They seem to ignore you.

The reasons? You may have hit one or more of the icebergs:

  1. Your contents are simply less engaging.
    Let’s face it, creating content that is likeable and shareable is not easy. You need something fun and entertaining but not going too far out of your business line.
  2. Your contents are not published at the right time.
    The problem here is, business tends to stick to 9-5 working hours, which doesn’t fit right into socializing time. Social media is not constrained by working hours. So, is your brand.
  3. You are not on the right social media.
    Every social media has its own characteristic. You need to look into each social channel to find the right one that work best for your business.
  4. You are not socializing.
    I’ve seen this too many times. Many brands treat their social channels similar to the traditional media. In social media, your brand is dealing with real people. Provide a respond when there’s customer asking something.
  5. You push too much advertising in your content.
    People don’t like advertising. Thankfully we have remote control :-). On internet, it is much easier to skip. People can skip your post or unfollow your account straight away. Publishing your product information once in a month is fine, but not every two or three days.

Keep in mind that social media marketing is not similar to conventional marketing.

  • Social media is about conversation.
  • Social media is about customer service.
  • Social media is all about relationship.

It’s not easy to build engagement, but it’s not impossible too. If your contents make them want to spend more time with you, you are one step ahead to building a good relationship.

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