Being successful is not something that happen coincidentally. It is a choice. It is a way of life.

Nobody is born successful. Even though some of you are born in a super rich family, but still, you are not successful. All those cash are owned by your parents or family, not you.

To succeed, you need to have clear destination of your dream. You have to take your own path and continue running through it.

As a business owner, the success of your business relies heavily on you, particularly your commitment, decision to take actions and strength in taking risk.

But what is the secret that differentiate every successful people from a lot of unsuccessful people?

The answer is Mindset.

Mindset is a set of thoughts or brainworks that intelligently and emotionally affect our behaviours and actions. Or in short, mindset is the way of thinking.

As a human, we are indeed not perfect, but it is our choice to nurture our mind with positive thoughts. Because we are the product of our own mindset. Be it good or bad, it depends strongly on our decision to shape our minds.

So, what exactly are the differences of mindset between successful people compared to unsuccessful ones?

Here are some of them:

Successful Mindset Unsuccessful Mindset
I create my life Life just happens to me
I embrace changes I fear changes
I think big Big thing won’t happen to me
I need personal branding Personal branding is not necessary
I will be rich I want to be rich
I will win I don’t want to lose
Plan and set goals Don’t plan and don’t have any goals
I know how to manage I don’t like management
I like to spend time with successful people Successful people are arrogant
I get paid for result I get paid for my time
I accept responsibility of failures I blame other for failures
Forgive others Hold a grudge
Talk and discuss about ideas Talk and discuss about other people
I am improving my net worth I am improving my work income
I let my money work for me I work hard to earn money
Give credits to others Steal credits from others
Have gratitudes toward others I don’t need to appreciate them
I want other to succeed I want other to fails
Viewing through transformational perspective Viewing through transactional perspective
I am able to receive feedbacks and critics They keep criticizing me
Obstacles are challenges Obstacles make me fail
I am bigger than my problem I have too many problems
Imperfection is gift Imperfection is a curse
I am constantly learning I am the smartest. I don’t need to learn anymore.
I enjoy journey and destination I enjoy the destination only

If you go through the list of comparison, you will know which group you mostly belong to right now. And it should give you a good idea which mindset you need to improve to succeed.

I believe no one is 100% inside one group. We are only human after all. But if we are constantly learning, we will acquire the mindset of highly successful people.

You create your own life and your own success!

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