There has been a shift in how sales is executed. Instead of going to the sales person to look and understand a product, people go online. Internet has been a great place to find any information.

Social media plays a big part too. It’s where people gather along, to talk and share just about anything.

There’re still chances that sales people come directly to offer products but it’s not as much anymore. Noone likes to receive a sales call or a salesman knocking on their doors. People buy when they need, not when they’re being persuaded by salesmen.

These are the reasons why brands should leverage the internet and social media specifically. Fill them with useful contents, things that provide value. After a while, people will begin pooring in, either to stay updated or to ask questions.

This is when your sales activity starts. Keep in mind to not annoy people by offering hard selling content. However, it’s fine to do it once in a while or when a promotion is being held.

Helping people with their questions makes more sense these days, rather than outright selling your products to them. That’s also how you can engage, build credibility and let them choose whether you are worth their spendings. Keep helping them even after they have made purchases. Provide them with reliable after sales service.

Remember that integrity is the key to sales.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to move your strategy online. Get it up through various channels such as website and social media. This way, you can help people find your product information easier and faster.

You would definitely become more reachable as well. That’s why, being responsive anytime and anywhere is a rule you need to set up too. That’s what your customers expect, fast and real-human responds to their questions.

So, stop selling and start helping. Help people find your product information, stay informed of what they see in your product and provide them with solutions.

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