When was the last time you consider about improving yourself? Whether it’s to develop a new skill, pick up a new hobby, learn a new language or roll in a new course, it can be one of the most profitable decision for your future.

If you are the one that is hunger for self-improvement, you must have realised that the more you grow, the more you understand there’s so much to learn out there.

Fortunately, the potential that a human can reach is limitless. As long as we are passionate to invest in ourselves, there’s always a room to improve.

Here are 10 best investment you can make to grow yourself into a better person each day.

1. Level up your skills

Let’s start with something that you’re already good at. If you are into design, try to study new design concepts, experiment on new ideas, or learn new tools.

Looking into new design trend is something you should do continuously as well.

2. Wake up early

Waking up early, like 4 or 5 am in the morning, has been proven to increase productivity throughout the day. It gives your body more time to naturally reach peak wakefulness.

Other than that, it also improve the quality of sleep when you hit the bed at night and overall quality of life.

3. Build a workout routine

There’s no doubt, exercise can improve your physical and mental health. You can hit the gym if you have the time, but a morning or afternoon jog works fine too. You may want to mix it up with cardio workout and swimming for variation.

4. Read a book everyday

Books are sources of knowledge. The more you read, the more you feed your brain with various understanding and awareness. Books have been known to enrich wisdom as well. Evergreen books such as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are two of the most influential titles you should read.

5. Learn a new language

As technology becomes increasingly advanced each day, the opportunity to meet other people from the other side of the world has grown exponentially. That’s why the reason of learning new language has increasingly made more sense.

Though any language is fine but prioritise yourself on a language that may be useful in future can be much more beneficial.

6. Pick up a new hobby

Other than your favourite hobbies, is there any new things you’d like to try out? Any new activity or sport you want to pick up? Probably dancing, ice skating or rock climbing?

Trying something new can broaden your mind since it requires you to look into different aspects. Thus, increasing yourself physically and emotionally.

7. Overcome your fears

Even the strongest person has fear, but that’s not the reason you should hold yourself back from overcoming your fears. The fear of insecurity, the fear of height, the fear of public speaking and other fears that you try to avoid the whole time has to be conquered, otherwise, it will limit your self development, especially in the room where your fears roam.

8. Leave your comfort zone

No growth comes easy. In order to improve yourself, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Expose yourself to a new challenge. Do something different and you’ll find yourself escalating to a new level of life.

9. Acknowledge your flaws

Nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws. One thing for sure, you will never fix your flaws if you don’t acknowledge and understand them.

Know your flaws, accept them and give yourself a chance to fix them.

10. Broaden your network

There’s always new things to learn from people, especially the ones on top of their fields. They have achieve their success because they acquire many knowledge that we don’t have.

Surround yourself with successful people, gain their insights and build your own achievements.

So here you are, 10 ways to invest in yourself. Start today and find yourself in a new stage of improvement shortly.

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