I have been receiving a lot of questions when talking to people as well as receiving many many emails in regard to website design, especially business or corporate website. One similar question that is being brought up mostly is, “What should a business website have?” or “How should a business website be?” Let’s continue reading the following list.

1. Get A Representative Company Domain Name

Your domain name should have the exact same name or similar to your company name because it represents your company and brand. Put your company name in the domain name search engine and search.

Some of the websites that serve this are GoDaddy.com, Name.com, and Register.com.

If you find out the required name has been registered, try searching a similar one. A few tips on getting good domain name are:

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Not too long.
  3. Having keywords in the domain name is good though it is not in the first priority.
  4. Get a .com extension or a country based extension. In Indonesia, it is .co.id.

2. Get A Reliable Hosting

I’ve been receiving some questions about subscribing to free website hosting. No doubt it is a very bad idea. Free hosting service usually means more downtime and slow response. Paid web hosting service doesn’t have to be expensive. It is quite affordable actually, though it depends on how big your business website is and how much traffic it

On another side, paid web hosting service doesn’t have to be expensive. It is quite affordable actually, though it depends on how big your business website is and how much traffic it serves. Do comparison based on server location, speed,

Do comparison based on server location, speed, features, and price before placing decision. The quality of web host can impact largely to user experience in your website which in bottom-line, impact your business.

3. Must Have A Good Website Design

Your website is the first impression of your business. The website design and visual of your web provide a significant factor to determine whether it is positive or negative to your customers.

A good website increases brand image and builds trust.

4. Must Have A Responsive Website

Nowadays, mobile devices are everywhere. A responsive website means easier viewing in mobile devices including smartphones and tablets because it is optimised to follows the viewer’s screen size.

5. Manage Your Corporate Website Content

Good content means good website, good search engine ranking (SEO), and eventually, means good business.

When visitors access your website, they are looking for appropriate information. When a search engine like Google comes to crawl, it also looks for good information. So, make sure the contents in your website is well maintained.

6. Providing Easy Business Contact

This will let customers and website visitors reach you conveniently. Acquiring an online contact form, email address, business address and phone number are mainly suggested. Complete contact information adds value in business trust.

7. Get Email Addresses at Your Company Domain

Never use free email services such as, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It affects your business and brand image. Web hosting usually allows creating email accounts based on your domain name.

8. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The basic of website design and website development play significant role in getting placed in search engine rankings. There are terms, rules and guidelines to follow when designing a website. Placement of visual structures including elements and contents is important.

In the website backend, HTML and XHTML should be coded properly as well. Meta tags including Meta Title, Meta Description, Headings and Image alt tags determine how good it is optimized for search engines. Web applications should be appropriately developed too.

I hope this article can provide answers and able to further your knowledge in website related information. If you have more questions, do comment below. If you find this article useful, please share :).

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