As a small business, you might not have big budget for your marketing needs, but a representative and visually beautiful website is essential.

So, you call up some web design agencies and web designers to bid on your web design project.

During the pitching process and various meetings, you pulled out some questions that happen to be your main concerns. You received many answers that differ between agencies and designers. Some made you agree, some not and some made you even more confuse.

Though they are from different web agencies and designers, their ultimate goal is same. They want your project! So, sometimes, in order to win, they put on smart lies to make you believe they are truth.

In this post, I will bring up some lies that are brought up all the time. The list is developed by filtering and analyzing questions commonly asked by potential clients.

1. Good website has to be expensive

Though this is not an absolute lie, but how your website looks and how it performs don’t simply rely on the cash you throw in the pocket of the agency. It is strongly depend on the quality of designers, developers and how much experience they have.

The key problem here are, most big agencies offered services and features that you don’t need. Besides, these agencies’ expenses are high. They have big offices in the expensive CBD area, they hire high salaried people, they hire a lot of them, they have to design and develop from scratch which requires a lot of time.

Some of the agencies also outsource part of the service to high paying professionals, such as photographer, videographer and copywriter.

This has similar analogy as to buying a car. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash for a good car. So, instead of paying a big amount of money for a Rolls Royce or Ferrari, you can consider getting a Ford or Honda.

They are good cars that you can use for years. Rolls Royce and other expensive cars are definitely better but most of us don’t need the features in them. So, why should you pay that much?

So, my suggestions are, find a couple of web design agencies that offer special price for small business, meet them, ask for their portfolios, ask them questions and ask them to quote. Choose the best one in terms of design, service and price.

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2. WordPress is not secure

We get this quite a bit on meeting with potential clients.

On the process of finding the right web design agency, some of them could have mentioned how bad it is to use WordPress and other open source platforms.

Not all open source platforms are secured anyway, but if you are asking about WordPress, it is definitely just a made-up fact to scare you off from using WordPress and make you use their custom made CMS.

The main reasons that caused bugs on WordPress-based websites are usually the lack of updates and maintenance.

Similar to our smartphones, WordPress frequently receives updates, especially security updates to keep your websites away from the ever-growing malware and secure them from being hacked.

However, don’t take my words directly, but the facts that some of the biggest media companies use WordPress as their website platforms are going to assure you that it is a reliable platform. They are CNN,, CBS Local, NBC, USA Today, New York Post, New York Observer,, TED, TechCrunch.

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3. Only a custom-built website is search engine friendly

This is definitely a big lie used to move money from your company account to the agency’s bank account.

The secret to search engine friendly website are mostly about having good structure, good meta tags and content, which can be done with WordPress.

And if your main target is to get ranked on top of search result, especially on Google, you need to start thinking about content marketing.

Recent changes of Google algorithm has put the main focus to website content. The more valuable your contents, the more easier for your website to rank high.

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Finding an affordable web design agency yet professional is definitely difficult.

Most small business owners are not web technologist. They don’t understand web trends, its updated technology, how the internet works and how search engine works.

It is an agency and web designer’s job to help you get into positive direction. If they are lying in order to drain your money out, they are not being consultant to your business.

So, make sure to choose the right web design company to partner with, because you are going to need their assistance for after sales and it is going to be a long term partnership.

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