1. Develop Common Goals

Let your team know from the beginning that they are going to struggle along. They can’t prioritize their personal goals and have to be patient. They need to understand that it may not come to their expectations. There could be no promotion and increment in salary.

Let them know that your success is theirs, that they are going to grow as long as the business grow. Give them a clear idea what the startup is going to achieve in the future.

Address the business success as ‘our goal’ not as ‘your goal’.

2. Develop responsibility within team member

You can’t expect it to be a perfect team, there’s no chance to that. So, one crucial skill you need to have is directing. Assign each tasks and make sure they work based on schedule. You need to have short and long term target.

After the work is divided to each person, make sure they finish each task on time. Also, assign one task at a time, at least on the early phase.

The team is yours. You are their central focus. Help them when anything arise.

3. Leverage friendly communication

It’s human tendency to dislike dominance. Instead of bossing around, you should become a friend as well as a mentor to guide them.

You are not a boss but a leader. The best leader is the one who put his shoes together with his team, brainstorm along with them and listen to any idea out. There’s no bad idea, just crazy idea. Remember that many successful businesses were born through crazy ideas with lots of trial and error.

4. Create a happy workspace

Do you know what is one of the main causes of business failure?

A stressful team.

That’s why a happy and happy work environment is crucial for your team. Create a casual workspace, organize a fun and de-stressing activities in a frequent time, give them a short break from work routine, greet them when they’re doing a good job.

A happy team is a creative team. Thus, a contributing and innovative team.

5. Give appreciation to the deserving ones

There’s going to be the one who perform better within team. Reward the one who deserves. Probably a thank you note, a praise ahead of the colleagues to motivate everyone, or a small gift can lead to a better performance.

Just remember that appreciation should be done publicly and criticism must be delivered privately.

Building a great team is certainly not an easy job. A good entrepreneur understand that a great team is the heart of his business and one of the keys to a succeed.

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