How to become a millionaire? Though it looks hard to become one, but it definitely not an impossible dream. Whether you are a college graduate, an employee or even a school drop-out, everything is possible as long as there is strong will and persistence in what you do.

Start by making changes in your habit. Instead of fooling around with your daily life and activities, learn to learn new positive things each day to become more competent and confident.

These habits will definitely change your life. They will allow you to think, talk and act better. Thus allowing you to create wealth much more easier. So, here they are, 10 great habits that will make you millionaire. Let’s start.

1. Think before talk
Don’t just say everything you want to say. Use your words carefully and possess deep meaning in what you say. Learn to speak with ease and build up your communication skill. Always remember, never attempt to drown others.

2. Get rid of negative mind
You may realise it is easy to have negative mind. Negative thought will grow to be a problem, when we nurture them though unpurposely. We start to believe it is true by assumption. So, get rid of negative thoughts and clear up your mind. Don’t make assumption and try to believe that there’s reason for everything.

3. Stay precautious
Suspicion is one of our basic character as human. We tend to distrust other people. Being suspicious is not a bad thing. In fact, it is advised in many situation to stay precautious. But keep everything to yourself. Don’t throw it out unless there’s initial proof.

4. Set your goal
Every morning, think what you want to achieve today. You can write them down on a piece of paper as a reminder. The list can be work target, financial goal or project plan. Keep it simple as a to do list. Let it be your morning habit.

What you write down will be your daily priority to keep “first things first”. In regards to commercial priority, A $10,000 activity is more valuable than a $1,000 activity. Once you’re able to prioritize more important activity, you’re one step forward in the process of being a millionaire.

5. Work hard, work smart
Working hard is really not enough, you need to work smart as well. We are now living in a digital age where technology grows each day. A millionaire knows he need to improve himself. His business needs to become smarter too. When you’re trying to propose a business opportunity, you need to know what works, how to make it works and how to achieve the best result. The bigger the business, the smarter you need to be.

6. Be a decision maker
Imagine you are in a cross-road and you have to choose which road to take. Calculate everything and decide which direction quickly. Never afraid of making wrong decision, as it is a process of learning as well. Decision making is a must-have skill in business. Do it diligently. Learn how to decide for bigger impact. A deep thought is always required to do so.

7. Ask questions
When questions arise, most people are afraid to ask. In the end, they come out with assumptions as answers to the questions. Making assumption is dangerous for self improvement. Once you’re assuming something, you might repeatedly answer the same question with it. Thus, making you think it is the real answer.

We are not perfect and never be perfect. So, if you have question, make it a habit to ask the right people. Asking will never shame you. Wrong assumption will.

8. Improve your appearance
Have you seen a millionaire with bad appearance? Dreary eyes, messy hair or bad choice of clothing are some of the factors that make you further away from becoming a millionaire. How will others treat you nice if you don’t treat yourself nice.

Upgrade your appearance from now on. Try to get enough sleep, clean your face, exercise to reshape your body and apply makeup. Beautify yourself to look attractive. You’ll find more opportunity knocking at your door. Looking like a millionaire makes you one step ahead to become one.

9. Improve your self confidence
This is one of the best habit you must have. Your look is the outward appearance and self confidence is the inner appearance. It is strongly advised to acquire both of them.

Building self confidence is not an easy task though, but it is not impossible to achieve. Develop your knowledge and be prepared on any occasion are the main keys.

10. Don’t be late on any activities
We all hate latecomers. That’s why you shouldn’t become one. Always show up on time or before time. Being on time means you value other people’s time. Always plan your schedule, stick to it and getting prepared a few hours before to avoid being late.

If you have any other tips on how to become a millionaire, please leave a comment below.

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