As a designer, it’s no doubt we love our design. Since we have poured our mind, heart and energy into it, it’s easy to say that we want everyone to love it too.

Thr thing is, some of us don’t realise what a design actually is. Many even think that design is similar to art.

They are not.

Though a design is expected to be visually beautiful but it is not its main purpose. Better yet, a design should serve as a solution. It exists only when a problem arise. Otherwise, it’s an art.

In this case, design should be objective while art tend to be subjective. That’s why, falling in love with your own design is something you can’t afford.

Once you fall into it, you will become blindfolded and ignore any flaws it has. You will treat any feedback as an attack and any critic sounds like an insult.

You won’t be objective anymore.

And without realising it, you have became an artist who protect his art subjectively.

So, don’t fall in love with your design. Try to detach yourself from it in order to stay objective. By accepting opinion and critic, your design will improve and you’ll grow better each day.

Never fall in love with your own design because you are a designer, not an artist.

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