Building a website is not just about building a website. There are main considerations to think about, visual design that is appealing and features that are fully functional.

Talking about designing a commercial website, it needs to be as effective as a business channel, directly or indirectly. A direct business channel means a website that is working as a sales machine such as e-commerce website for b2b or b2c, online shop and marketplace. Indirect business channel includes manufacturer website, brand website, web portal and others that are not making sales directly. Normally this type of websites are focusing on information and contents.

Each type has different approach in concept and design process. An ecommerce website is focusing on product catalog for hard sales. A brand website is focusing on product information and uniqueness of the product to improve brand value.

A web designer should know how to implement the right design concept and framework. He should be able to create a beautiful yet functional website without ignoring the business core and brand personality.

Website is always a strategic business tool. It is available for public 24/7/365 without any lunch break nor vacation.

Since it is a key business sales and marketing tool, there are a lot complicated things to plan before designing a website.

How to Build A Website Design That Sells
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Business, brand and product knowledge
Different business means different product and different branding. When building a website, you should understand what a business is dealing with.

Great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
Deeply think about how user interact with the website. Where to place the logo, navigation, slideshow, company information, product and other information. Make any information accessible within 3 clicks.

Effective contents and copywriting
Are the contents in the website makes you want to engage with the company, brand or product? Content including article or blog post, graphic and video is the primary factor to determine how much business your website is going to make.

Simply put, you have an ecommerce website selling cloth, with 2,000 visitors a day and you make $20 per sales. If your copywriting can engage with 1% of visitors, you will make $400 per day. Now, if you can improve the content to be more powerful, let’s say 3%. You will be making $1,200 per day.

Search engine optimized – SEO friendly web design
The key factor in improving SEO is increasing the value of content. Frequent updates are essential too.

From within the website, designing the web layout to be easily grabbed by Google and implement the code in the backend to be SEO friendly are part of the works.

A search engine optimized website is easier to gain position and rank in search engines.

Lead generation system
Each website visitor are valuable. Capturing their contact information is necessary for marketing purposes. Email newsletter, free gift and promotion are some ways to market to them.

Increase conversion rate
The ability to turn visitors into customers are called conversion rate. It all depends on the website, how attractive the design is and how interactive the features are in term of communicating with visitors.

Psychologically, people buys products from nice and trusted people.

It is the secret ingredient.

As a business owner or a decision maker within the company, you will need these information on your website.

The biggest challenge is not in the budgets, but in your web designer or in a bigger scale, the digital agency that you work with.

Spend some times to learn about their experience in building a representative website, developing fully functional features and creating effectiveness in strategic marketing.

It is much better to work with a professional and get your business runs well.

If you have other ideas to share, please let me know in the following comment box.

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