Most of us would be satisfied by becoming an average person living an average life. That is nothing wrong though and it won’t make you less happy either. But if you want to live a fantastic life, then let’s boost your courage and get prepared to overcome challenges!

It’s not going to be an easy journey and you could be looking for guidances from people around you. On another thought, you might also be wondering how if there’s no one there to give support.

Whether you are starting a business or building a career, it’s definitely hard to keep going when no one is there to support you, to assist you, talk to you, and clap a motivating hands for your.

But come to think of it, there is no particular reason to expect that. You can’t back off and blame the world for not being supportive. Instead, you have to believe in yourself and keep going. By doing so, you will become your own biggest supporter, your own greatest fan. And the awesome thing is, this will move you forward even faster.

So, how can you be your own greatest fan? Here are some ways to try.

1. Find what matters to you

Know that you are you and realize what makes you uniquely you. If you haven’t known already, find it, learn about it.

Start by listing down all the qualities in yourself. Are you driven? Fearless? Humble? Patient? Or funny? Uncovering and understanding your own character and unique identity will make you less dependent on others.

2. Accept your responsibility

Everyone has their own responsibilities. A student is responsible for his study, parents are responsible for their children and a manager is responsible for his team. If you are feeling unfulfilled, it’s easy to complaint and put your blame on others. It can give you a sense of validation. It makes you less frustrating but you know it’s not right.

Whatever happens, you have to accept your responsibility. If it’s bad, stop putting your blame on others and stop making excuses. You should accept the fact and start making changes.

3. Stop comparing!

Comparing yourself to other people is never a positive thing. If you are in a better condition, you might begin to belittle others. If you are in a worse condition, you could feel more dreadful.

If social media is where you often get yourself compared, then limiting your time on it can help take your focus off others while putting back the focus on yourself and the things you do.

4. Get used to be alone

Being alone could be uncomfortable for many of us. That’s the reason why we cling to others. It usually for validation of self worthiness or simply because we are scared to be lonely. It’s normal actually since loneliness could really give a negative impact.

Fortunately, it can be controlled. Try to learn to enjoy your me-time. Begin with activities that you like, such as reading a book, watching movies, do gardening, or even cleaning up your home. Whatever you feel like doing, can throw away the sense of getting bored and lonely. Slowly, you will realize that being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Thus, reducing the urge to cling on others.

Develop your courage and build your characters. Ensure yourself that you are strong enough to run a business, even without support from anyone else. If not, then sorry, you can probably forget about your dreams, forget about having an awesome life journey, and achievement is most likely not yours to hold!

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