I’ll keep this post short and on-point. If you want to grow your Instagram account, these are the best 10 tips to follow.

1. Create a killer bio
Including description about your brand, call to action and a link to website.

2. Create high quality content
You need to post content that have value, which means they have to be useful for people.

3. Post consistently
An account with regular posting has more chance to engaged.

4. Use 80/20 rules
80% of your content should be informative or educational with 20% related to products or promotional.

5. Use relevant hashtags
Hashtags are useful to reach people that isn’t following you. By using the right hashtags, it’s easier to be found by the right audiences.

6. Organize contest or quiz
A giveaway once in a while can motivate audiences to engage more with your brand.

7. Post content at the right time
Check and evaluate your existing posts in the available insight. Pay higher priority on the highest engaged time.

8. Geo-Tag
Geo-tagging allows the audiences to know the location of your post. It also increase chance to get found when people search the location.

9. Engage with people
Respond to all comments in your posts and engage to people other than your followers.

10. Collaborate with KOL or influencers.
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or influencers can help endorse your brand, directing people with interest to visit your profile, engage and follow.

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