Providing your employees with tech accessories can help them work efficiently and save time. There are so many advances in technology today, and you may find it hard to determine which tech accessories will be most effective for your employees. The right equipment will help boost employee performance and even increase security in the workplace. Here are seven tech accessories you should give to your employees.

1. Headphones and Headsets

Headphones and headsets can make a huge difference for your employees, especially if they regularly make phone calls and video conferences. They help increase privacy when listening to audio from their computers or phones. Headsets can increase convenience, especially for employees who work from home.

Quality headphones and headsets come with high-tech features like noise-canceling that improves the quality of sound. Wireless headsets and headphones ensure that both hands will be free and your employees can multitask. They can help reduce the number of missed calls in the office since an employee can receive a call even when they are not at their station. Most headsets and headphones have high-quality microphones that improve communication. This improves the overall coordination and efficiency in the office.

2. Laptops and Monitors

Laptops are essential for your employees, especially if their work requires them to travel frequently. Remote workers will also benefit from using laptops as they can continue with their work away from the office. Your employees can take their work home and meet crucial deadlines.

Laptops have a wide range of applications, including webcams that allow your employees to take Zoom calls and video conferences. Cloud storage applications and sharing allow the employees to access files and share them even when they are not at the office.

There are other tech accessories that you can pair with your laptop to increase convenience and efficiency. A laptop stand can help prevent the laptop from overheating since the bottom part is open and allows air to circulate. The stand also keeps the laptop at an optimal height for video conferences and typing.

You can also provide custom laptop sleeves with various styles that reflect their unique taste. You can customize the sleeves by incorporating your company logo to brand your technology. They also protect the laptops from scratches and bumps. Most sleeves are lightweight and do not add weight to the laptop.

Sometimes work requires you to have two screens to do multiple tasks simultaneously. If this is the case for your business, you may want to consider providing a monitor to your employees. They can easily plug this into the laptop you provided them and start doing work more efficiently. Getting tasks done on one screen is possible, but can be quite a pain. By providing employees a monitor they can do their job with ease and minimize mistakes.

3. Tablets

Tablets cut across laptops and smartphones since they are lightweight and can offer the same functions as both. They are portable, and employees can carry them to trade shows to improve presentations. They also facilitate easy sharing of documents and have a user-friendly screen size. You can also include tablet protective cases to protect the tablets from breaking if they fall.

This tool is especially useful if your job involves requiring clients to sign documents. No one enjoys signing with a mouse on a traditional computer screen. Having a touch screen will allow their signature to be more accurate and the process is hassle-free.

4. Phones

Providing your employees with company phones ensures that they have dedicated phones only for business. Employees will not have to use their personal devices for work which improves security in the office as their personal phones will not be connected to the company network. They can also separate their personal life from office work.

Work phones also allow employees to share data efficiently and improve communication in the office. By providing company phones you can ensure professional communications at all times, monitor the phone’s security, and will allow employees to unplug from work when they are off the clock.

5. Portable Printers and Fax Machines

Although most companies are going paperless, most offices have documents that they have to print. Portable printers can connect to other devices in the office via Bluetooth and allow employees to print documents easily. Employees can take them, especially if their work requires them to travel to the field.

While in many professions the fax machine is a dinosaur of the past, in the healthcare field it is still a necessary tool. Providing a portable fax machine can be useful if your employee manages multiple offices.

6. Keyboards

Various types of keyboards, including Bluetooth keyboards and ergonomic keyboards, improve typing in the office. Wireless keyboards prevent the workplace from being cluttered by a bunch of cables.

Ergonomic keyboards allow employees to type more comfortably by putting their hands at an ideal typing position and offering wrist support.

7. Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse with an ergonomic design offers comfort and convenience around the office. Your employees can use them for extended periods as it helps prevent hand and wrist fatigue. They also help reduce wires and cords in the office and keep everything tidy.

These tech accessories will help improve productivity in the office due to their numerous applications. They can also help to improve employee comfort and convenience around the office. Tech accessories can be instrumental in your company’s growth and help retain your employees.

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