Do you have a blog where you can write about your passions? Have you wondered how you can turn your passions into a source of income? It’s time to plan ahead and start monetizing your blog. In order to successfully make money through blogging, you need to have valuable content and bring in a steady audience. Later on, you can monetize it pretty quickly.

There are many methods to generate income through blogging and the best way is by using them simultaneously. Here are a few of my favorite ways to monetize a blog.

1. Pay-per-Click Advertising

Perhaps the easiest way to monetize traffic, PPC ads pay you when someone clicks on them. Generally speaking, the more visits your blog has, the more clicks ads will get. So, if you’ve built a reliable stream of readers, PPC ads are a reliable revenue generator.

Usually, they’re not the most profitable, though. Don’t expect them to turn you into a millionaire, especially with minimal traffic. But, you could turn a blog into a passive revenue machine faster than you think.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Similar to PPC ads, affiliate marketing pays when visitors click. However, they have to follow through the link and make a purchase, otherwise, you won’t earn anything. There are a few courses on easy affiliate marketing if you’re still a beginner. By taking one of them, you’ll learn how it all works and see how it looks in action. They’ll even show you how they’ve created successful affiliate campaigns.

Most of the time, it’s best if you’re marketing something you’ve used. It’s easier to convince readers to buy it if they’ve heard about it from you first. Pay attention to your affiliate deal, too. When signing a contract, see how much they’re paying for any sales. It should be at least 15% of whatever prospects buy for it to be a fair deal.

3. Sponsorships and Endorsements

Affiliate marketing and PPC ads have been the most popular monetizing methods. But, they’re no longer the only ones people are using.

Today’s bloggers establish partnerships with brands and include their products in content. By building deals with well-known brands, you can earn quite a bit from them. Plus, receiving free products has always been pretty nice.

Reach out to a few brands you’ve used a lot and ask about sponsorship opportunities. Usually, if your blog has sizable traffic, they’ll jump at the thought once asked. As long as it’s mutually beneficial, finding new sponsors isn’t as hard as the first one. We’ve found a lot of blogs seem to succeed after asking for their first sponsorship, too.

4. Email Lists

At the bottom of your posts, always include a link to an email list. Building an email list is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog.

While creating the email for your subscribers, make sure to include fresh content. Otherwise, people will unsubscribe after realizing it’s all the same.

You can also include affiliate links in the email to increase your earnings. Just send them to your readers at least once a week and see how much they buy. Typically, readers are more likely to buy something you’ve recommended if on the list. Take a look at what people say about email lists on YouTube, too. They’ve seen some pretty impressive results after monetizing them there.

5. Selling Courses

Do you have a talent or skill that many people would love to learn? If so, you can consider starting courses online. Teaching something useful to people can bring a huge increase in your income.

Simply record a few videos and show people how to do what you’re great at. For example, if you’re a good writer, make a series on creative writing. Not everyone possesses the same skill set as you. So, many of them would be interested in what you have to teach.

The best part about selling courses is it’s a one-time investment. After making the course, it’ll still sell years later as long as it’s good. Educational content doesn’t go out of style in most instances, even after years.


While running a blog is fun, it can bring in a significant income too. It can even be a hobby that outearns your day job. Don’t expect an overnight success though. You’ll have to spend some time building it up before it starts earning. Until then, it’s all about learning how monetization works and applying that knowledge. At some point, you’ll be an expert who teaches others about all this.

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