You could have seen this, where the same article is published on many websites or blogs.

It usually comes from some big news sites like AP or Reuters where they send out feeds publicly. Publishers later fetch and post them on their sites, many without re-writing the original articles, resulting in a lot of same contents on different websites.

You may think to include a link to the source, which adds reference and hopefully minimizes the risk of duplicate content. It works but how effective is it?

Now, how would Google think about it?

Google loves valuable content. And the value here means useful, unique and non-duplicated content.

So, fetching an article directly and reposting it on your site is unrecommended, since there’s not much value to offer to your readers, even by including the source URL because they can find the original content on the source site.

In the worse case, you could be penalized by Google and your site would be removed from Google index.

What You Should Know About Duplicate Content
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If you wish to learn more about duplicate content, here are some guidance to get you going:

And here are some troubleshooting if you’re having problems regarding duplicate content:

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