If you are into design, branding or marketing, you must have known the importance of color and how it can live up the visual.

Every color tells a story. Each color has the power to infer emotion and influence perception.

To understand it, here are the meaning and psychology of colors.


Red is linked with love, desire, danger, strength and energy. Red captures attention.


Pink means love, feminity and kindness. It also brings the senses of romance, tenderness and sweetness.


Purple means luxury, royalty, mistery, magical, spirituality and creativity.


Blue is associated with water, sky cleanliness, inspiration, trust, confidence, intelligence and wisdom.

Blue creates positive mood to mind and body. Very suitable to show professionalism in business.


Turquoise is associated with refreshing, calmness, tranquility, good luck, intuition, patience and loyalty.

Turquoise creates emotional balance and stability.


Green represents nature, fresh, growth, restoration, tranquility and hope. It visualizing balance and harmony.


Yellow brings warmth, energy, happiness, optimism and creativity. Yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum.


Orange is associated with heat, freedom, encouragement, joy, warmth, health, success and fascination.


White symbolize purity, cleanliness, innocence, goodness, softness, light and perfection.

White also represents a fresh start or a new beginning.


Black represents mystery, secretive, sophisticated, elegance, luxury, sexy and power.

Black brings strong contrast when combining with other colors, making them stand out more.

To conclude…

Colors can affect how we feel subconsciously. That’s the main reason why the selection of colors in visualization is very important. Choose wisely. Colors can strengthen your brand and bring growth to your business.

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