Startup businesses have soared since the 1990s. Over the last three decades, the number has grown from over half a million to 800,000. If you have a startup, you need your workplace to look its best on a limited budget. Here are some simple ways to improve its appearance.

1. Open Interior Spaces

Office spaces that resemble mass production lines have been a staple of businesses for centuries. Unfortunately, a reduction in brainstorming and troubleshooting occurs in this environment. Spaces separated by cubicle walls further minimize interaction. Open up these areas to improve both worker interaction and happiness.

Some of today’s most successful companies utilize open space models. Even if employees have their own offices, there are still places to hold impromptu meetings or break away from a current project. The open space concept is also for your clients. Don’t conduct your business in a small, stuffy office. Create spaces throughout the startup where you meet with current and potential customers in a comfortable environment.

2. Enhance The Natural Light

Fluorescent light strips don’t support productivity. They emit harsh illumination hard on employees’ eyes. Further, when they start flickering, fluorescent strips are distracting. Improve the appearance of your startup by replacing these items. Instead, look toward natural light as your illumination source.

Windows coated with heat-absorbing materials let the brightness in without the sun’s warmth. It’s a concept that’s quite useful during the summer. If you need artificial light, then consider lamps with LED bulbs. These produce softer illumination and last longer than fluorescents. As a result, your startup saves money on bulbs and utility costs.

3. Simplify Your Landscaping

Landscape maintenance takes a large chunk out of your startup’s operating expenses. You need to hire a company to maintain the lawn and other areas for curbside appeal. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve your landscape’s appearance. One of these is to consider artificial turf installation in McKinney to elevate the look of your business’s workplace.

A great company can replace existing sod with a product that looks and feels like normal grass. The advantage is you don’t need to water or mow it. Another option is xeriscape. This form of landscaping replaces grass and flowers with rock gardens and succulents. The advantage of xeriscaping is it requires little water to maintain.

4. Plants To The Environment

Plants aren’t only used to brighten up your startup workplace. Studies show employee happiness and productivity increase. If your startup location is somewhat bare, colorful fauna changes its look. Use a mix of plants in your office.

Varieties like spider plants and bamboo have capacities to purify the air if added in large amounts. They feature the power to absorb toxins like formaldehyde and convert them into growth chemicals. Make sure the plants are well taken care of. Although they brighten spaces when healthy, they darken your workplace when their leaves turn brown. Neglect of your office plants signals business neglect to prospective clients.

5. Incorporate Sustainability Practices

Today’s consumers like to work with sustainable companies. In other words, organizations that operate with carbon footprint reduction in mind. It’s best to do this now instead of when your startup reaches its first growth point. The previously mentioned xeriscaping, plants, and natural light are ways to increase sustainability.

On top of this, incorporate eCycling into your daily operations. The practice allows you to safely dispose of or repurpose old technology instead of storing the unused items in available office spaces.

6. How To Improve Appearance With A Startup Budget

As shown above, there are several ways to improve your workplace’s internal and external appearance. Your concern is how to do it under a certain budget. The simple answer is to start slow. If you have an existing office, determine what needs the most work.

In most cases, enhancing your curb appeal should be the first step. A clean and manageable exterior reveals your dedication to the company. Plants are a necessity indoors. Purchase one or two a week and spread out their locations. You don’t want to have them in one room while other spaces are bare.


If you don’t have an office for your startup but are considering one, then plan. Start putting money away for infrastructure enhancements and maintenance. In the end, the upkeep keeps your employees and customers happy.

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