When you are working or doing business in marketing fields, you have pretty much heard the terms Content Marketing every once in awhile. It’s all over the internet, in blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts and printed books.

It has became much more popular since the change of Google Search Algorithms to be more concern in the value of contents.

Not to be to judgemental but, even if you are a marketer, you might haven’t known clearly about content marketing and how it works, especially if you are not an online focused marketer.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy to market a business by creating and sharing valuable contents to attract audiences and convert them to become customers. The key word in the definition is Valuable. There’s no point for you to just create any content without providing value to audiences. This value is strongly related to distributing useful information, have relevancy to the goal you wish to achieve and have consistency in content development.

As any other type of marketing techniques, content marketing is very much related to brand building. It is not a one minute hard sales tactics. You can’t expect results over night. It is a long term strategy, but it works once it works. You can enjoy a long term business success as well.

For example, if you are in a fashion industry with your own brand, you can create contents that are much related to fashion, clothing, tips and tricks, etc. If your content is valuable and consistent, you will gain loyal readers overtime, which can be converted to become customers.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

There are some reasons why we need to consider content marketing as one of main strategy:

  • There are increases rate of internet users and readers that find something to read through search engine.
  • There are big changes in market behaviour. People tends to look for product information and its review before making decision.
  • Social media has became part of life.

What is The Benefits of Content Marketing?

At the very least, there are three benefits you can achieve with content marketing:

  1. Increase brand awareness. If done well, your brand will continue to show up when people go to the internet, especially search engines to find answers and solutions that relate to your brand, business or industry.
  2. Improve brand image. The strategy helps you become leader in the industry and help maintain relationship with people. You can expect a successfully established brand by maintaining contents overtime.
  3. Acquire loyal customers. Your customers may not only be ordinary customers, but they are loyal to your brand. The key to build this loyalty is by providing useful information and valuable knowledges.

What Are The Type of Content Marketing?

There are variety types of content marketing strategy. To fully benefits your business, you need to select which of these options that suit well.

  • Online publishing
    Online article publishing usually comes in the form of blog posting. Company blog can be used to publish such information to provide your audiences with audiences, product knowledge, business events, tips and tricks and so much more. It is strongly suggested to post these information in a managed schedule.
  • Video publishing
    The fact is, video is much more entertaining than text. So, it is time to create a presentation of your company, brand, product, services or any company related events. Make sure your video is as timeless as possible so it stays relevant for the longest time.
  • eBooks
    As most of the books, it is created to provide education. But make sure it is well written to avoid readers being bored which can result in abandonment of your ebook. You may want to include good graphic imagery and relevant visual design to improve reading interest.
  • Infographic
    Infographic offers readers a better view of certain information. It is much more attractive and catchy as it contains more visual imagery compared to text. Some even keep it offline for references.
  • Case Study
    Create the real stories of a successful customer or market acquisition. What have they achieved by becoming your customers or partnering with your business and how do you assist them.

How Do I Get Started?

The easiest way is by start creating a blog section to your business website. If you are not a good writer (well, not everybody writes), you can hire someone that is good at it. You need to find and think of a nice topic that is valuable to your customers and readers.

Find out more about How to Create Engaging Content Marketing Strategy.

But if you are still unsure about creating and maintaining content marketing strategy for your business, maybe it’s time to consider hiring an agency to take care of it. As long as it could generate much higher revenue, you don’t have to worry to spare that budget.

Not many companies knows the effectiveness of content marketing yet. It is already an advantage if you jump in right away. Let me know what you think about content marketing? Have you done it? And what have you gained from it?

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