Regardless of whether you are launching a product, starting a new business, or having a yearly business event, making your event engaging and a stand out should be the goal. Not only is your event an opportunity for employees and business to see how much you appreciate them, it serves to boost a company’s morale. Continue reading to discover some innovative ways to create a successful company event.

As with many things in our lives, the pandemic that we are living in the midst of has also changed a lot about how businesses host events. With that in mind, many have begun hosting virtual events which we will discuss more later. Otherwise, some innovative ideas for employee events are:

1. Hand Out Useful Swag Bags

It is not unusual to go to a company event and leave with a swag bag. Regardless of whether the event is for employees or a marketing tool for customers, it is clear that people enjoy gifts. Swag bags are bags given out at events that are filled with gifts. A lot of the gifts are monogrammed or embossed with the company name and logo. Those are nice and the idea is to keep a company’s name in the forefront of customer’s minds.

However, giving swag bags that are full of useful items is more beneficial to customers. Some ideas that don’t have to have the company stamp on them are good chocolates, a pen & pad, coffee mugs or carrying a cup with a lid. These are just some of the useful gifts that a company could put into a swag bag to give customers and/or employees.

2. Create An Event Website

A fantastic way to boost interest and intrigue about your event is to create a website dedicated to keeping potential invitees up to date. In addition to marketing teasers, your website can showcase classes, special guests, and other parts of the conference or event that will make guests want to attend. In addition to websites being great teasers, they produce efficiency, providing those attending with highlight information. There is also a lot of benefit to showing pictures after the event which will keep future attendees excited.

3. Online Event

If you have decided to have your annual event or any corporate event virtually, making it engaging and meaningful to those who attend is the goal. Not only will that keep them wanting more information about the business, it will make them want to engage and see the business grow. As many know, when the pandemic started, Zoom meetings and events became the thing to do.

However, we have moved past simply speaking to an audience via an online platform. Now there are companies that can create the most unique virtual event experience for employees and customers. Finding a great 3d virtual event platform will ensure that your guests feel like they have been transformed to arenas or venues and not sitting in their living room.

4. Consider Live Entertainment

Live events don’t have to be stuffy or send employees from one workshop or seminar to another. Although there is lunch and other breakout sessions, having live entertainment for employees gives them a chance to take their minds away from work and have fun. Live entertainment can fall anywhere from a DJ to a live band to magicians and everything in between. Not only does it silence the employees minds from the influx of new information, it adds to the camaraderie among employees.

5. Team Competitions

Depending on the size of your event, having your employees break out into teams for competitions is a fun way to boost morale and do something different during the conference or event. One competition could be a cook-off. To pull this off, the company could hire a few celebrity chefs and rent mobile kitchens. Employees would break into groups, each group with a celebrity chef. They would then prepare a specialty item that someone else would judge. That is one idea but there are many fun ways for employees to compete.


As you have read, coming up with innovative ideas that will make your next corporate event successful is essential. Your event not only boosts morale and shows employees and customers how valuable they are, these events go a long way to help your business grow. The few ideas listed above are great places to start if you are in the planning stages of your next corporate event.

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