Starting an executive coaching business comes with a few challenges. Some of those are made worse if you don’t prepare. With a guide like this one, you can better navigate things. The following tips can help your executive coaching business get off the ground.

Name It

An important step to take is to find the name for your business. You’ve already made a pretty big decision. You’ll be targeting people who want to be executives in their places of business.

In the coaching industry, figuring out your niche is vital and sometimes quite challenging. You don’t need to do that anymore. You need to figure out a name that captures what you’re offering and will attract the folks you want. A good tip to get started is to look to your competitors to see which names work and which don’t.

Consider Location

The next thing to worry about is location. Knowing where you want your business to be based can help you prepare more effectively. For example, if you don’t want much overhead and want the biggest reach, then maybe you want to work online.

Many online coaching platforms offer space for your business and give you access to a bigger pool of potential customers. If you want to work in a specific area, you need to ensure you’ve got the capital for that. The sooner you decide this, the easier your planning will get.

Determine the Structure

It’s important to determine the overall structure of your business. For the most part, executive coaching businesses choose sole proprietorship as their structure since it’s usually one person starting the business.

This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes, the structure has to be a partnership if you are working with other coaches. Try to find the business structure that works for you as soon as you can. Things will move along much smoother once you’ve done this.

Make it Official

Once you have your name and business structure, you should make it official. This means registering your company and securing it as yours. Doing this opens up several doors that you’ll need open if you want to keep going.

You can now get insurance, as an example, among many more things. Taking this step also helps you personally. It tells you that your business is online and ready. There’s no turning back. You just have to keep pushing forward. It’s a good motivator. Every business owner, including executive coaches just like you, need a little motivation.

Securing the Funds

No matter what type of executive coaching business you are trying to jumpstart, you will need some capital. Your company is now official. This means you can take it to the bank or to angel investors to see who’s willing to help. Of course, you can still fund this yourself, but that means you need a lot of saved cash.

Whatever you need to do to get your business off the ground, you need to do. Be sure that you have a clear and detailed business plan ready. This will be essential when you are applying for loans unless you’ve done this part already. A business plan isn’t only to secure your funds; it offers clear direction for you.


Accreditations and certifications are important, too. By this point, you probably have at least one, but it’s important to get as many as you can.

You need that Board Certified Coach certification or Professional Coach Certification among others. You are new to the game. No one knows you, and no one trusts you just yet. These accreditations and certifications will help folks trust you.

Marketing Strategies

Once you are live and ready to take clients, you need to market yourself. You must get this part right. Maybe you want to use social media platforms to market yourself if you’re going to be mostly online.

Maybe you want to participate in local business events if you want to connect to potential local clients. Look into the type of marketing you can use and use it. If your funds are limited, then consider starting with one, and track it closely to see if it’s working for you or if you need to move on.

As you can see, starting this sort of business takes a lot of planning, but hopefully, this guide helps. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if there’s a step you aren’t sure about.

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