It may make all the difference in the world if you have the correct event planning software on your side. A person will require a set of assistive tools/software to save a lot of time. In turn, it will simplify your event to be more productive and provide the most remarkable experiences, much as a superhero requires their trusty sidekick.

1. Judgify

Judgify is a grant and contest management software that enables you to engage your audience with various award campaigns. Judgify is useful for arranging business challenges, creative and industrial contests, startup pitching events, charity activities, and similar events.

Businesses and organizations utilize Judgify to exhibit a product, create brand recognition, and develop industry positioning, in addition to gaining engagement incentives. The toolbox is relatively comprehensive, including solutions for entry submission, scoring, and reporting, among other things.


  • The public voting module is a helpful technology tool for increasing external participation.
  • You may use white labeling to boost brand recognition, and there is a free plan that can be utilized for free events.

2. Event Pro

Event Pro has characterized itself as an “all-in-one” software solution for corporate event planning, including catering and venue management functions.

EventPro’s purpose is to increase efficiency, keep track of all figures and assets, and plan your events. EventPro shines as a corporate event management software in terms of data. EventPro is a good choice for your company if you’re looking for event planning software that focuses on data rather than interactions with event participants.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Attendee Management
  • Badge Management
  • Catering Management
  • Client/Customer Management
  • Management of Exhibits and Vendors

3. Social Tables

The finest venue selection, event diagramming, guest management, and check-in are all available with Social Tables. You can build to-scale diagrams in minutes with the free event planning tools. You may draw up a detailed plan and share it with venues, clients, and partners. Furthermore, Social Tables aids in the management of visitors ranging from VIPs to unique meal demands, as well as the visual seating of them in diagrams.

In addition to CRM Software, Event Sales, and Event Services platforms, Social Tables develops award-winning systems for hotels and venues.

4. Timely

The best method of tracking time across projects and teams is using timely software. From invoicing and project management to team management and resource planning, Timely’s automated time tracking software lets businesses remain connected with their workers and report correctly on their company.

This event management software is not only simple to deploy and integrate across a range of platforms and systems, but it is also simple to use. Rest confident that your staff will be able to do various duties linked to event management services in minutes, thanks to a straightforward user interface and presentation.

The customization option lets you completely design all of your event-related material, including event listings, event postings, and ticket purchase confirmation emails, to your business name, logo, theme.

As a one-stop shop, our event management software enables you to accomplish all you need to make your event a huge success!

5. Hubilo

Hubilo is a simple do-it-yourself platform that caters to all of an event planner’s technological requirements. Event planners can set up their full event tech and go live, whether they are computer knowledgeable or not. For optimal ease, the platform is completely automated. It facilitates the planning process by automating various event-planning chores, including event communication, application, attendance management, marketing, attendee engagement, and event analytics.

Planners may further personalize their brand across all platforms by tailoring each element to their specific needs. Hubilo is very time and cost-effective since it offers a variety of solutions as part of a single automated program.

Capturing your audience’s attention is a very challenging aspect of organizing an event. Unfortunately, today’s content consumers are bombarded with information from all sides, so they’ve learned to block out the majority of it unless you can pique their interest. When used correctly, technology may have a beneficial influence on audience interaction and engagement throughout an event. Attendees may, for example, respond in real-time to questions posed by speakers using live response systems.

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