Hiring remote workers instead of putting everyone in the same office has various benefits. It helps you save money on overhead costs because there is no need for a large office with all of the equipment that comes with it, which means more profit for your business. Besides, with better technology and faster internet access, it’s easier than ever to work remotely.

Leveraging the right tools can be a huge asset to managers and employees when managing remote workers. Most tasks can be completed practically. But, however effective the working environment has become, engaging with coworkers is another story. That’s why it has been the concern of leaders to solve and create a better engagement. The following are some ways of engaging and entertaining remote workers:

1. Organize Online Parties

Do you want to know how to keep employees happy and productive? Try hosting online parties for your team where everyone can chat and interact while playing games. Remote workers are a valuable asset to any company, but maintaining morale can be tricky. If you’re looking for ways to keep your remote workforce engaged and entertained, an online party may do the trick.

2. Plan a Gift Exchange

Remote workers can be a blessing for growing businesses. They are often more motivated, productive, and have a better work-life balance than their office counterparts. However, they can also feel isolated from the rest of the team if you don’t care for them.

Gifting is a personal experience; thus, it should be tailored to your employees and make them smile. Business gifts for your virtual employees will show them that you care about their well-being. All your remote workers will appreciate practical and functional gifts, such as a mini desk clock or a small calculator.

3. Organize Competitions or Entertainment for Your Remote Staff

No one likes working in isolation. One way to combat this problem is by organizing singing competitions at regular intervals. The competition can be as simple as creating a playlist of songs and asking people to sing along or lip-sync with their favorite tune.

It will enable you to see what they can do on their own time, as they feel relaxed and entertained. However, it’s advisable to engage a reputable corporate entertainment service provider to help you organize an unmatched event.

4. Work With an Instructor to Facilitate Online Yoga Sessions

Yoga is an ancient and powerful practice that can help employees feel more connected and relaxed. It is a great way to relieve stress, stay fit, and one of the most effective ways to be healthy. Yoga is also one of the best activities to build team strength and unity at work. It improves physical condition and increases concentration and focus level. It helps to relax and boosts brain activity and productivity.

To engage with the remote workers, you can organize weekly or monthly yoga sessions in the office at a certain time. You can even prepare a presentation on an interesting topic while doing yoga. Yoga sessions are easy to organize by collaborating with an instructor, and they provide a space for workers to stay healthy. Employees will benefit by experiencing more energy, better focus, and getting along with others. Yoga can also be a fun opportunity for workers to bond over a new experience.

5. Engage Your Remote Workers by Selecting an Outfit of the Day

Remote workers have become a vital part of the corporate landscape as more companies have opted to hire talent in other locations. Managers need to keep communication open with these remote workers and use different methods of keeping them motivated. One way to do this is to select an outfit of the day and then email it out to all remote workers.

It’s beneficial because it promotes a sense of goodwill among the staff and creates an easy way to communicate with the workers. It will help you motivate your remote workforce and give them a sense of belonging as they work together with the company.


Working remotely means that your remote workers have a lot of freedom. However, it also means that you need to take extra care to ensure they stay on task and have fun.

It can be challenging to keep your remote workers engaged. However, applying these tips and strategies will have much better success in keeping them entertained and motivated.

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