Plenty of people have the ambition to become an actor or actress. Being a star in the limelight often looks like a very attractive career route. However, not everyone will become a famous actor, even though many will try. Those who do try their luck tend to move to New York City to do so, and with good reason, as NYC has more acting opportunities than most cities in the US.

When looking to become an actor having headshots is important, way more important than you may think. But why? Why should you have headshots as an actor? Read ahead to learn more.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why every actor should have headshots is because it’s the professional thing to do. Nearly every single casting crew you will meet will require you to show your headshots and leave one with a copy of your portfolio.

Headshots are what separate the hobby theater actors from those serious about their craft and career. It’s unlikely that any respectable casting crew will take you seriously as a professional without headshots. It’s also important that you update your headshots regularly.

First Impression

Depending on the method, your headshot may be the first thing that a potential casting department will see. It’s said that we are judged by someone within the first 11 seconds of meeting them or being seen. This means that this casting professional will use your headshot as their first 11-second impression of you.

Your headshot may also be circulated by your agent or may be required with your portfolio and audition. Plenty of times, the producer will see your headshot before anything else about you. This is why they’re so important, and also why they’re important that your headshots are good as well.

Show Personality

Do you remember how much you wanted to choose something that expressed who you were in your senior photos? The same thing applies to your headshot. Your headshots are a great way to show a little bit of your personality. Of course, it’s important to have standard professional shots of your face and body, but it’s also recommended that you add in a couple of fun shots that highlight who you are as a person as well.

For some, this may be a professional photo on the tennis court, and for others, it could be a professional shot in the library. Curate a theme and a scene that shows a bit of who you are, as well as who you can be cast as.


Your headshot isn’t just useful when it comes to producers and auditions. These photos can be used in other places that require a professional, clear photo of yourself as well. Some other places can include your school, on LinkedIn, at work, or even for your passport.

Headshots aren’t just an investment for your acting career, they’re also useful to have on hand for other reasons as well. Plus, we’re sure that mom would love a copy of one as well.


When you’re trying to become an actor or actress it’s important to think of your acting career as a business. This involves setting up and conducting yourself as such. Headshots are an important part of your business portfolio, as it helps producers and casting crews get a good feel of who you are.

Your headshots should be available both in print form and on your professional website. This is because your headshots also function as a form of branding. Branding is crucial for any business, but when you’re an actor, you are your own brand, and your logo just happens to be your face.

For example, if you are looking to act in New York City, you may want to begin searching for headshots in NYC because they are more important than you’d think. Your headshots can be what ultimately makes or breaks your actor career, especially in a city as competitive as NYC.


When you’re trying to become an actor, it’s important that you set yourself up for success. One of the most crucial things you’ll need are a set of good headshots. Your headshots are what producers will remember, they’ll help set you apart from the thousands of other auditions that they see, and they’ll help the casting crew decide whether you’d be a good fit.

Be sure that your headshots show you as a professional but also as a person and be sure to update them regularly. Your headshots are important, don’t miss out on great opportunities because you lack good headshots.

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