8 Employee Perks and Benefits That Your Staff Will Love

8 Employee Perks and Benefits That Your Staff Will Love

The modern workplace is more competitive than ever, with benefits like increased flexibility and remote working becoming expected. That’s why your company must stand a cut above the rest when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, alongside improving the lives of your employees.

So, keep reading as we check out 10 perks & benefits that go beyond free parking and break-room muffins…

The job market is super competitive right now, so if you want to compete and attract the best people to work at your business, you should offer a range of genuinely attractive perks. 

With the rise of employees working at home or as part of a hybrid arrangement, the goal posts are shifting when it comes to what potential and existing staff expect from a company. That’s why you’ll find candidates weighing additional perks – not just the salary or office location. 

Before you choose and roll out your company’s new perks, you’ll need to decide which benefits fit in with your organisation’s goals and values, what resources will be required to implement them, and how you will measure and review success. 

1. Birthday off 

What’s better than an extra day’s holiday? Let’s face it, birthdays in the office aren’t always the most productive, and no one wants to work on their birthday, anyway. Giving your team time to celebrate with family on their birthdays is a valuable benefit that will help show them you truly care. 

This perk is super straightforward to employ, uses minimal internal resources and costs next to nothing. All you will need to do is ensure there is a firm process in place for employees to follow before their extra day off, whether that’s covering their work or marking it on the company calendar. 

2. Productivity supplies

If you’ve got employees working from home or coming into the office part-time, it’s worth remembering that you will save on office costs such as utility bills and office consumables. You can re-invest this saving into perks for your team to help make their experience working at home a little more comfortable.

There are so many productivity supplies to choose from, and a few ideas include:

  • Electronics – battery chargers, docks, fans, lamps and extra monitors
  • Productivity tools – wall calendars, notice boards, planners and timers
  • Stationery – notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, stickers and stamps 
  • Furnishings – desk converters, armrests, cable organisers and mug warmers
  • Wellbeing – plants, stress balls, fidget toys, games or daylight lamps

If you’re unsure where to start, why not send a poll to your team and ask them to vote on which products would help boost their productivity or improve their home office set-up? 

3. Recognition

Providing true recognition for staff, whether they have gone above and beyond or simply put in a consistent effort on a day-to-day basis, is a valuable gesture that often gets overlooked. If you’ve got virtual or hybrid teams, it’s even more vital to set aside time at least once a month to ensure your employees know how valuable they are to you. 

Some ways to recognise your employees include:

  • Shout-outs in team instant messaging channels 
  • Weekly or monthly employee spotlight emails 
  • An employee of the month scheme
  • Regular performance meetings 
  • Thank-you posts on social media

Whether it’s setting a date in your calendar to have a 1-on-1 or devising a plan for open recognition, taking the time to say thanks can boost employee morale.

4. Company events

Remote and hybrid workers may be at risk of feeling disconnected from the wider company. It’s important to help your team feel connected and integrated with the rest of your business, and hosting company events or outings is a great way to do this.

It all depends on the size of your team and their preferences, but it could be a bi-monthly dinner, movie nights, parties or even office get-togethers. Before planning your event, ask for suggestions to get a feel of what your employees would like to do. 

5. Discounts

There are lots of specially designed discount schemes on the market to reward employees. Not only are exclusive discounts an enjoyable perk, but they also help to support local businesses in your area. 

A lot of discount programmes can be accessed via a handy app, or you can search for companies that offer physical vouchers to keep things simple. Some Business Improvement and Development (BID) areas have area-wide schemes containing local businesses, too. 

6. Wellness 

It’s a common expectation to have access to health insurance. However, the landscape for health insurance is changing, with staff members expecting immediate access to healthcare professionals as and when they need it.

If you include health insurance in your benefits package, consider adding or changing your health programmes to support on-demand access, whether they can live chat with a doctor or book a same-day zoom call with a mental health professional. To further boost mental well-being, reduce sick time and ensure a happy and healthy team, why not add benefits such as yoga or meditation classes? 

7. Flexibility 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how people work for good, with many employees preferring remote or hybrid ways of working – enabling them to balance their home and work life. 

Allowing your staff true flexibility can also help them to feel trusted and valued, enabling them to control their workflow and manage their time more effectively. You’ll need to make a few considerations in terms of internal resources to help them, such as deploying instant-messaging software or offering easy ways to log their hours. 

8. Gym membership 

Helping to keep your employees motivated, healthy and happy is super important if they spend their work time sitting at a desk, using a computer or laptop. Gym memberships are generally inexpensive, especially as staying fit can prevent excess sick leave. 

A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of various illnesses and mental disorders, from diabetes to heart disease and anxiety to depression. Exercise can be a great way to prevent these health issues whilst keeping mental health in tip-top condition.

Workplace benefits are not only for your employees, they benefit your business as well since your staff will likely be more loyal, happier in their positions and more focused on work. So, which perk will your company try out first?

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