Finding new customers is the main task of every businesses. That’s why we need sales person to gain new customers for our businesses.

Not all businesses have the ability to afford getting sales person. If you are a business startup without access to big capital, you might want to minimize the budget. The consequence is, you have to find customers yourself.

Sales is a continuous job. You cannot just find several customers and stop selling. Relying only on the existing customers will make your business vulnerable. You need to consistently find new business to work with, grow your business to become sustainable. Here are 10 tips to help you win new business.

1. Advertising

Advertising comes first when we are asked to find new customers. It is the easiest way to push the words out to let people know what you sell.

There’s price to pay defnitely, but if it can generate bigger profit, then it’s worth it. However, if you are looking for budget-wise advertising, then Pay-per-click online advertising can be your best choice.

2. Social Media

Many businesses have enjoyed the benefits on getting into social media. Some of them even find social media as one of the most affordable and best channels to gain sales. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are some of the most effective social media channels for business.

However, things won’t come fast and easy though. It takes time and effort to build relationship and communication with potential customers or clients. Be helpful and be a problem solver. If they like you, they’re going to buy from you.

3. Email Campaign

Sending frequent email newsletter filled up with advantageous information, such as promotions and product or service benefits can give much exposure to your business.

Make sure your campaign doesn’t become spammy tough, or it is going to be not as effective anymore. Even worse, your spam email could lead you to losing customers.

4. Get Media Coverage

TV, radio, magazine and newspaper, offline or online, are still some great ways to introduce your business. You can develop a newsworthy story to share with the audiences, or develop yourself to become an expert in the industry you’re in.

5. Creating a Representative Online Presence

Website has became the most important thing for a business. Every companies should have at least one website as their online presence.

Your website should represent what type of company you have. It should be visually appealing but still maintaining its elegance as a profile.

6. Creating Valuable Content

Having a website is not just about letting it online without any updates or maintainance. You need to provide your website with contents that are useful for the audiences generally and customers specifically.

Usually, contents are updated in timely manner. Type of contents are company news, product news, events, promotions, knowledge, tips and tricks. Building a blog section into your website is one solution.

7. Old Fashioned Marketing Tools

Though we are living in a digital age and everything is online now, but some basic tools to find customers and clients still work as effective. Some of them are business card, printed leaflet and direct mail, which you can distribute if your business is pretty much local.

If you want to bring thes methods online, you might want to change your business card to vCard, printed leaflet to pdf brochure and direct mail to email newsletter campaign.

8. Ask for Referrals

The easiest part is to call your family, friends and prior customers to let them know about your business and ask them if they know anyone who might needs your product or service.

You might need to consider offering referral incentive for any customers or clients they bring in.

This could be considered viral or word of mouth marketing. Better yet, if your customers are satisfied with your product and service, you have bigger chance to be recommended to their circle of friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is still the hottest out there anyway.

If you are extremely passionate and put big dedication to grow your business, getting new customers is just a matter of time. It won’t come in a day or two, but shortly after, your effort is going to pay off.

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