It’s common practice to find a job after graduating. Getting a fixed income, pay your student loans, pay other bills and start saving.

But if you want to be extremely wealthy in the future, you should begin investing more energy and time working towards it.

It is tiring but it’s worth your effort.

Here are 4 things you should do after 9 to 5 to get rich and successful in the future.

Learn to start a business.

Business can open up a wider opportunity to earn more and become rich.

Learn to invest in dividens.

Anything that could increase your income such as business investment and stocks.

Learn to build your assets.

It’s asset, not liability. The difference between them is asset generates income while liability doesn’t. So, let’s say if you’re investing in a real estate, make sure it can bring in more money.

Learn in-demand skill.

When you have a high demand skill, your chance to bring in more cash is bigger.

I understand that everyone needs financial security, but if your goal is to become very wealthy in future, business and investment are the right paths to take.

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