Everyone wants to be successful, being wealthy and ofcourse, happy. Those are the reasons why we keep on exploring new skills, picking up new habits, spending more time with people and other attempts that can lead us there.

While these can help, sometimes the efforts we make may hold us back from success.

So, if you haven’t really got what you’re aiming at, maybe it’s time to rethink all of the plans and actions you’ve made, to start removing things that bring negative impacts to your life.

1. Fixed Mindset

I bet you must have at least one person that is so hard to talk to, because he is very sure that anything he said or do is always right.

Having a fixed mindset brings more harm than good. It holds people off from accepting new information and embracing knowledge, especially when it contradicts his belief.

2. Toxic People

You don’t want to be surrounded by negative and pessimistic people. They won’t bring you any good in any way.

By getting around positive and highly motivated people, you will learn a lot of new things that can move you further to become a better person.

3. Living in the Past.

No. You can’t live in the past. Time goes forward and you won’t want to let the past takes up your future. What’s done is done and what’s gone is gone. You can’t change it anyway.

Instead of keep dwelling with the past, it’s time to move on to a betterment. If you’ve done wrong and failed on your business attempt, get yourself up again. Try encouraging yourself to write a new plan and act accordingly.

4. Making Excuses

Have you ever met someone that kept blaming others for something he do? Or always coming up with excuses when he was asked to do something?

Successful people takes responsibility of anything he do and understand the priority of works. If something has to be done, it has to be done no matter what and how.

5. Being Perfectionist

There’s nothing perfect in this world, so trying to achieve perfectionism is going to take a lot of your time. Even worse, it can stop you from progressing.

Instead of perfecting your works, it is much more effective and efficient to better it one step at a time.

6. The Mindset of Overnight Success

There’s nothing as easy as overnight success. Otherwise, everyone will be successful. So, if you think your business is going to grow big all of a sudden or you’re going to be wealthy tomorrow, you must be living in a pool of sweet dream.

Business requires dedication, commitment, persistence and time. There’s so much to do that you need to stay motivated.

7. Small Mindset

Big or small, it all depends on your mindset. Small mindset usually comes out of fear. The fear from speaking out your thoughts during discussion, the fear of being rejected, the fear of being laughed at and other insecurity that your mind creates.

Mindset plays a big part on your success. When you think you can’t, you can’t. But when you think you can, you can. There’s nothing impossible. You are absolutely bigger than you think you are.

8. Fear of Failure

Who doesn’t afraid of failure? I bet everyone does. There is a symptom calls atychiphobia, an unwarranted and most of the time, unreasonable fear of failure. Many people developed this symptom and without realizing it, it can stop you from being successful.

The need to overcome fear of failure is a must if you want to reach out for your dream. Start by setting up a small goal, complete it and grow from there. This can help build your confidence to take up the bigger one until you reach your final goals.

If you have other negative things to remove in order to be successful, do let me in the comment box below.

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