It is a challenge to pitch your idea. And without realising it, you’ll tend to create many slides in order to convince the investors. It’s not really a mistake, but it would be better to narrow them down.

The purposes of a startup pitch is to present your business idea and stimulate interest which eventually will lead you to get a second meeting.

Let’s scroll through the following 10 slides of your startup pitch deck.

1. Title
Your startup name, your name, position or title and contact information such as email and mobile phone number.

2. Problem and Opportunity
Describe the happening problem in the market and the opportunity to solve it.

3. Value Proposition & Solution
Explain the value of the solution you can provide to solve the problem.

4. The Technology
Describe the recipe, the secret spice, the magic behind your product. Sketch up the technology using graphics with a bit of text to explain the images. Showcase your prototype if you’ve already had it.

5. Business Model
Describe the business process, the source of your startup revenue and how much estimated profit it can generate in monthly or yearly basis.

6. Management Team
List up the key persons of the management team, including co-founder, board of directors and available team. You may want to mention about the board of advisors and existing investors as well if you’ve already had.

7. Startup Status
Explain the most recent status and condition of your business, why do you need funding and how are you going to use the money.

8. Competitive Analysis
Describe the competition locally or in the bigger scale, globally. Explain how you’re going to win over the market.

9. Marketing Plan
Describe how you’re going to enter the market, what will you do to capture audience and how to convert them to become customers.

10. Financial Projection
Provide one to three year forecast and illustrate the projection of each year. Not only the number of dollars but also the key metrics, which includes number of customers, conversion rate and other demographic data.

What you need to remember is, in the first pitch, you don’t need to cover every aspect of your startup business. Getting your pitch deck clear and concise is more important. However, you may want to be prepared for in-depth data if requested.

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