In business or in daily life, building relationship with people is essential. We wouldn’t know that we might have the opportunity to cooperate or doing something together in future. These people can be your friends, partners, suppliers, investors, employees or even those people you meet somewhere. Always remember to ask and keep their contact information. However, relationship is the lifeblood of any business. Bigger connection means bigger business opportunity. It opens up many doors and paths to your company. Stay in touch with them by following these powerful practices.

Communicate genuinely
We might have personal assumption or judgement when speaking to people, whether it’s good or bad. Getting these judgement out of our mind and always trying to stay focused in conversation is suggested. Be genuine by showing interest in what they talk about, being thoughtful and honest.

Send a thank you note
A thank you note is something meaningful to build relationship. Depending on the occasion, a thank you note can be sent by text, messaging app or email. It is simple, but it works most of the time. Saying thank you for their time, meeting or lunch shows good intention.

Keeping in touch
When meeting someone, try to exchange business card or at least contact details if it is not available. There are three ways to stay in touch, phone calls, messaging and email. Each have their own ways of building relationship. A phone call is always more personal. It creates deeper emotional interaction and able to build strong connection. We talk to new people by voice after all. Messaging came second, when you think he or she is very busy with daily works and it is not that good to disturb them by calling directly. Send a text or message them to say hello. Though it is not that strong in term of personal interaction, email is still a nice tool to say hello. You might not getting fast response compare to phone call and messaging, but they will read it some time.

Respond promptly
Those people you want to socialize with, might think the same as us. They could have the intention to keeping in touch with us too. When you receive their calls, messages or emails, do respond promptly.

Catch up together
It doesn’t have to be related to business all the time, but spending casual time at a coffee shop or somewhere else is always a great way to get socialize.

Building relationship, developing connection and getting socialize are what we need as human being. The more people we know, the more chances we could have in future. It’s not only in business, but it applies in our social life too. Who knows we might came across someone really influential or popular.

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